mario_galaxy_fan's Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) review

The game that got me intrested in gaming.

Where do I begin with this game because it was the game that got me into videogamming.

The story is Dr Robotnik AKA Doctor Eggman has trapped animals in badniks and Sonic has to free them but there is also 6 Chaos Emeralds to collect as well in this game quiet a simple and easy story to understand

The game plays very well you play as Sonic a speedy blue hedgehog that can run at a very fast speed. The game has about six zones and a final and there is 3 acts mainly in each.  At the end of the third act you face Doctor Robotnik or Eggman whatever you want to call him. You enregy is rings as long as you have 1 ring you don't lose a life unless you fall down a hole, get squashed or run out of air underwater. If you can get 50 rings and keep them and get to the finish you will see a big ring that lets you enter the special zone to get a Chaos Emerald. The special Zones are very tricky and you have to avoid hitting the goal or you lose the chance of getting a Chaos Emerald you can also get a continue if you get 50 rings in the Special Zone that means if you run out of lives in the game then you can continue. You get to increase the amount of extra lifes you have in the game by hitting Sonic boxes or collect 100 and 200 rings.

There are item boxes that give you items. There are ring boxes you get 10 rings, energy shield gives you protection from losing rings but it only takes one hit/ Invinciblity stars they give you protection from enemies but not from falling down holes,power sneakers which make you go much faster and 1 up boxes gives you a one up and they are mostly in every level. Sonics main attacks are a jump on enemies like badniks but  some will have spikes and might require a spin dash where you just roll into  them. there are some obstacles that can't be hit though. There are also ring loops you can go round and if you spin at exactly the right moment you get a bit more speed.

The graphics are beautiful better at the time than most games that were actually out. The music is catchy as well in certan zones. Speaking of the zones there is a fire and water zone and the water zones are where if you are underwater to long you will drowned unless you find an air bubble or jump out of the water.

Overall this game is very special I think. If you haven't played this game then you have missed a treat.  This game is one of the best Sonic games ever made.


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