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Sonic needs to be neutered - there... I said it.

Let me start off right away that Sonic Unleashed is one of the biggest "F-U"'s to the fans of any franchise in a long time. At least George Lucas wants Star Wars to be well known with the oh-so-big Skywalker Ranch he has. Here, SEGA puts all of its best effort into a blender with the nastiest elements of past Sonic games - Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (360, PS3), and (whynot) Sonic Arena. 

 Me not so bad compared to this!

Sonic Unleashed is the latest (and not last) adventure of Sonic - he's about to catch his arch nemesis Eggman in the but turns into a werewolf and gets kicked out of Eggman's flying circus. Here's the greatest contrast in a video game I've seen in quite some time. The cinematic shows Sonic on ship being awesome- dodging things while being superfast, and really neat graphics to boot. Then the cinematic ends as Sonic is back on land, and you realize that the cinematic wasn't in-game graphics and you've entered a meddling game that can't even live up to an opening cut-scene.
 Note: I am not a big fan of Sonic games but like the good ones.

It's sad to see Sonic Team accomplish SO MUCH with the part everybody in the entire video game community would agree - the platforming aspects. During the day, Sonic has to do a running mission (as to why, who really wants to know?) and obtains new neat touches such as the Sonic Boost, Quick Step, and Drifting. Sonic roaming around fast seamlessly makes me smile; I then turn to a really sad panda when Sonic Team replaces a Pinanta of Sour Skittles with a Pinanta of Black Licorice. Most of the game is an attempt on an open-city world which isn't interesting or important for a game about a speedy hedgehog. Just like life, night covers most of our days and during that time the gamer plays as "Werehog".
 NOOO!!! I'm myself 1/3 of the game!
The two main game play features of The Werehog are hand-to-hand combat, in similar style to God of War , and platforming more comparable to Prince of Persia . Both elements, while to bring something fresh into the franchise, doesn't make coherent sense with any of the Sonic games and are repetitive.  The God of War-thing gets old within 5 minutes and 2 encounters in. Being "the Prince of Persia" feels awkward and sluggish, the camera also doesn't help as well. The Werehog is equipped with long, stretchy arms but "activating" these feel cumbersome and not so fluid. One positive is developing Sonic in more than one way; for Sonic, you can upgrade his Speed and Ring Energy attributes, while the Werehog can upgrade his Combat, Strength, Health, Unleash and Shield abilities. At the beginning of the game, the Werehog only has two basic combos - which sucks since the beginning alone could already sicken players of frustration (later on by upgrading his Combat attribute, he can learn about 20 different combos).
 The graphics are mediocre for the most part, only a few times it looks below mediocrity (it's tough to explain but it looks like a paper cut-out). The voice acting is unbearable, especially your "Guide" who is a more high-pitched version of Matthew Broderick's character from Bee Movie (sorry if that's not revelant). For a game having the "Best of Both Worlds", the score for the Day sections aren't as catchy or frentically amusing as the 2D games, and the Night sections does not bring any tension or action in its score. The  "Ooohs and Whooas" on the Hannah Montana show is more bearable to listen to.
Sonic Unleashed is a nice step-up of the previous Sonic game, but when the franchise's first game is still way better than its present sequels, it's a big warning for those following Sonic's adventures to open their minds Total Recall-style and ditch the franchise once for all. Hopefully "Project Needlemouse" will remind us all that Sonic can still pull it off. 
I have to admit this but I farted while playing this game. And to be honest, the pungent aroma of my fart was more enjoyable. End quote.

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