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Just Don't...Please Don't Play This

Ah let me take you back a better time, the bit wars were the console wars.  The Genesis and SNES were rocking the console world.  To some people Mario was gaming, to me he was what mattered.  Then that blue hedgehog Sonic came to my friends house and I freaking loved it.  It was fast compared to Mario being kinda slow.  The bad guy was something new, everything just was great.  Sonic 2 was even better, and Sonic 3 was just as good as 2.  Now this is where it all went down the Dreamcast came and Sonic moved into 3D with Sonic Adventure, which I liked.  Then it all fell down, so much ever since then it has all been bad.  Sonic Unleashed is an example of how far the blue face of gaming is no longer fun to play.

Sonic's second game of the next generation, sadly his best.  Sonic came out in 2006...don't even look at that terrible, terrible game.  Now we have Unleashed and all though there is much improvment, but improving on puke with shit shouldn't be rewarded.  This game teases you, it goes hey look we can do what you like, but guess what...FUCK YOU!  YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD LIKE OUR GAME BUT NO!!

There are 2 and a half parts to this game.  One part is wonderful, it is sonic.  Your going quick attack stuff with twitch control and running through a level and the 3D to 2D transition is great.  Not much to say here but it is wonderful I was smiling while playing these parts because it was actual fun.

The next and a half is completely terrible.  The night levels are dumb and clankey, the flying levels are boring and just not needed.   Then there is the open world part that is so bad, so bad!!  It ruined the experience.  Don't play this ever.  Don't give Sega your money to ruin this timeless character more. 

Sega please just make a next gen remake of Sonic 1,2,3 and Sonic and Knuckles.  I'm begging you!!

Played: June 15, 2009
Reviewed: June 16, 2009

Posted by LightGaia

How come people seem to compare the new Sonic games to the old ones so much? I don't get how the hubs and werehog in Sonic Unleashed are boring. I had a lot of fun playing. This game is much better than that last Next Gen Sonic game. Really, how is Sonic Unleashed that terrible? I don't get it. :(

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