This was my first Platinum Trophy game

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Nothing to say.. I don't really get into trophy's too much cause they're not as meaningful as achievements.. but my roommate bought this game, and I found getting trophies more addictive than any of the games on the disk

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I really don't go for platinum trophies much either because of the fact that I enjoy playing games, and sure, going through them thoroughly, but I don't like having to achieve insane goals that are just grinding, or you have to play and memorize the game to the point where it becomes un-fun.

I am thinking of picking this game up for like $15 or $20 today. I would have bought it at release except I wanted to just wait because I do own a lot of the games on this collection, at least half, so I felt $30 was kind of steep for a repurchase of 20 year old games.

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