sandcrab's Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (PlayStation 3) review

Sega's back in full power

This game brings me back to my childhood. So mane games made of pure awesome in here, Even some i've never heard of. Ones like "Congo Bongo" And "Golden axe warrior" That turned out to be some of my favorite ones on this disk.
But to be honest this game is mission some of my favorite genesis games of all time. like "Rocket knight adventures" and "Gunstar heroes" But its of little difference, This game is loaded with old Sega goodness,
i still pick this game up every now and again still and i've owned it since release.

One of the best games on the disk is one of my personal favorites
"Beyond oasis" A fantastic action RPG Full of puzzles and great combat. I mean the story isnt all that great and the length isnt awesome, But its still great.

The game is loaded with tons of great games, I cant list them on this short  page. but i can mention some of my favorites,
"Streets of  rage 1-3"
"Shinobi arcade"
"Gain ground"
"shining force 1-2"
And "sonic 1-3 and knuckles"
Yah thats just a few of the games that hover around on this disk.
You also get some heavy RPG sontent for those like me who grew up playing games like "Phantasy star IV" You actually get every Phantasy star that came out before "Phantasy star online.
As i've mentioned this game is loaded with features like videos and little unlockables that you can chew on for a good bit if you like older games.

Really if you never owned a genesis and or played these games and enjoyed them this is a good pick up, And at the price its not to much trouble to pick up even if you dont have a lot of cash.

And there is enough content to keep you entertained for a good while, Or if you just want a game you can pop in anytime when your bored or dont have anything better to do.
This is the game for you. I reccomend this with great gusto, And thank god there are no sega CD games on this thing.
So go and find something good to play.


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