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A Great Collection of Emulated Sega Games 1

Unlike Nintendo, who has went the route of overpricing there older retro games and selling them individually on the Virtual Console, Sega has decided to release yet another collection of old Sega-published games, and at a cheap price. The title, "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection", is misleading, though. This isn't just Sonic games. There is a handful of Sonic games, though. Here is the list of the games in this Sega collection: Good ol' nostalgic Sonic the Hedgehog. Genesis -Alex Kidd in t...

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Featuring Sega's Best non-Valkyrian games 1

So the first 2009 release that I review is going to be a bunch of old games! Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection: A really big compilation of Sega Genesis games. Story: Once apon a time, Sega mattered in the same way that In Living Color mattered. Names like Sonic and Golden Axe were once meaningful to a young, badditude-loving generation of aspiring Bart Simpsons and Jonathon Taylor Thomases before they were butchered, maimed and turned into werewolves, and the ratio of good to bad Sega games ...

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A Binge Gamer Review: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection 1

By James Walker • March 1, 2009 [Edit] My first video game console was a SEGA Genesis. I got it on Christmas Day, 1994 along with copies of Sonic 2 and NHL 95. I remember sitting on my living room floor with a pillow under my backside, in front of a big 50” TV. It was one of those old-style television sets that was built into a wooden frame and basically doubled as a shelf. It was so old and worn that it would actually turn itself off every hour or two. It didn’t have a remote so ...

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Sega Does What Nintendon't 0

 As SEGA told me while growing up, Genesis Does what Nintendon't. That much was true for some of their older games, and this collection has most of the games that helped mold that campaign.The graphic smoothing option is really nice, and anyone familiar with emulators (not that I am) will remember the Super-Eagle modes in emulation. It basically takes the pixels and smooths them out, making it look like a flash game rather than a 16-bit pixel game. A good example is that of Double Dragon for Liv...

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The 'Ultimate' Disappointment 0

To be blunt, this collection is not worth £30. Hell, it's not even worth £1.This collection is a waste of opportunity wrapped up in Blackbone's now staple "Bukake-o-vision" ("Scale", as they laughingly advertise it) , a User Front end that looked at all the screen space HD offered and went "No, Sod that, we're making this as if the player was playing it on a protable B&W TV", an inability to use custom soundtracks (As a side, is it really that hard to isolate the SFX in Megadrive emulation, ...

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It is my love for the Megadrive that hinders my enjoyment of this 1

I love the Sega Megadrive. I even go as far to say its my favourite game console of all time. However, it is this love that hinders my enjoyment of the Ultimate Sega Megadrive Collection.Firstly- I'm British. Its the Megadrive. OK? Good.While I do not usually waste money on games I can get from- other methods- seeing the inclusion of some of my all time favourite games in this persuaded me to get this latest collection. While this is a excellent collection, it is bogged down by a series of incre...

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Sega's back in full power 0

This game brings me back to my childhood. So mane games made of pure awesome in here, Even some i've never heard of. Ones like "Congo Bongo" And "Golden axe warrior" That turned out to be some of my favorite ones on this disk.But to be honest this game is mission some of my favorite genesis games of all time. like "Rocket knight adventures" and "Gunstar heroes" But its of little difference, This game is loaded with old Sega goodness,i still pick this game up every now and again still and i've o...

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Not perfect but perfectly nostalgic 0

It isn’t often that I review a compilation disc. It gets especially tricky when said compilation disc is full of old Genesis games. But Sonic Ultimate Genesis collection is, as the title suggests, a compilation of about 40 games from Sega’s heyday. And we are talking some of the best of the best. All the Sonic titles of course, all of the Golden Axes, the Streets of Rage games a pair of Eccoes, there are plenty of fantastic games in this bunch to keep your nostalgia flowing. But to review the ga...

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Secret Short Review 004- Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection 0

SONIC'S ULTIMATE GENESIS COLLECTION  + Great compilation of older classics   + Fantastic Price Point. + All of the ports are exact copies of their older selves...   - ...for better or worse. Most glitches and such are fully intact.  - Some of the game choices are a bit odd... do people actually remember Decap Attack or E-SWAT?  Ah, the 16-bit era. I admit, my childhood wasn't exactly filled with the typical SEGA vs. Nintendo console war that people have experienced, as we were a family that...

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Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3) - Review 0

His Favorites...or YOUR favorites? You Decide. For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE sega.  I mean I LOVE Sega.  I would be one of those crazy morons sitting in front of BestBuy at 2am hoping to get my hands on on of the few rare Dreamcast 2’s (Yes….a long unfulfilled dream….I know….).  I also was a crazy Sega fan when it was the SNES vs the Genesis.  The glory days, when gaming was an obsession shared by like minded individuals and years away from the casual “in thing” hippy wagg...

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Apparently you can have your childhood back in fact it's only $40 0

So I'm sure you remember spending those long '90s summer days tucked safely inside your basement, den, rec-room, etc with your console avoiding the heat and genuinely enjoying your childhood preferably with a friend to enjoy all that blast processy goodness, well those days are here again. I won't lie a single player purchase this a little weak these games are all awesome there a plenty of emulators out there and all you want to is play a little sonic I'm pretty sure it's playable on everything ...

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Times change, nostalgia doesn't. 0

The Sega Genesis was actually my first owned video game system. I had been able to play the NES and SNES at my Grandparents house growing up, but the Sega Genesis was the first one I got to call my own. I don't know if anybody remembers Sega Channel, but my parents were also nice enough to subscribe to it for me, and I still find it to be one of the best ideas I've seen for gaming. It is the only reason I was able to play most of the games on this compilation, and it's also another reason I find...

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Buy It! 0

 This game is a near-direct port of the PSP collection last year, except with a LOT more games and a surprising level of extras. This is, quite possibly, the single best collection of old games I've ever had the joy of playing. It's always easy to forget just how amazing some of the Genesis titles were. Visually, it won't blow minds, but some of the games are just much better than they have any right to appear on the somewhat under-powered console. Vectorman is still great to look at and ...

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This collection is a lot of fun! 0

I've got to admit, this collection of Sega games has brought me a lot of fun (and achievements) in the last few days. I rented this off of GameFly but I moved over to the "Keep" option very quickly as it only cost me $12.16 after tax and my $5 discount (yes GameFly is awesome sometimes).   I myself have never owned a Sega Genesis, I was a Nintendo Kid who grew up with a SNES and a GameBoy. My Genesis gaming was set to Sonic 1 and 2, MIchael Jackson's Moonwalker s...

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HUGE Collection 1

For $30, I think it would be ridiculous to pass on this. Sure, there is an extremely small chance that you'll enjoy every game, but there are a ton of solid games on this disc. Its terrible that they did not allow Sonic & Knuckles to connect with the other Sonic titles, but that is a minor complaint. I play on a CRT television, so the lack of "enhanced HD graphics" doesn't make much of a difference in my situation. However, my friend also bought this game, and there is nothing enhanced about...

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Per game dollar valuation 2

There are so many games of such widely varying type and quality, I'm just going to assign a monetary value to each game I've played so far and see what I get.  I never had a Genesis nor have I purchased any of these games on VC or XBLA so there's no repurchase problems for me.Alien Storm - $.50 Weird brawler, I've played several times attempting the acheivement.Alex Kidd - $.25  Just seems bad, not even Genesis level graphics.  More like a bad NES gameAltered Beast, Altered Beast arcade $1 - Ter...

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A nice piece of nostalgia for Sega fans 0

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection is a compilation of 49 first-party games released for the Sega Genesis console in the 1980s and ‘90s. The major selling point, as the title suggests, is that the collection contains emulations of all of the Sonic The Hedgehog games released on the system, including Spinball and 3D Blast. On top of the must-have Sonic games, the collection also contains almost all of the Sega-developed Genesis titles you could wish for. These include classics like Streets of Ra...

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SOnic Ultimate Genesis 2

 normally try to avoid talking about price in reviews, because 1UP isn't really in the business of clinical, Consumer Reports-style evaluations of games. We'd rather write about the games themselves than our blind estimates of what fits your personal spending habits. In the case of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, though, I'd be remiss in not mentioning the price. What we have here is a ludicrous value: 49 games for $30. Add in the fact that a good number of these games sell individually on ...

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