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Welcome to the Sony E3 2009 Press Conference Sticky!

Ladies & gentlemen E3 2009 is upon us and as always that means the 'big three' will be having their traditional conferences for our viewing pleasure. So to make things a little easier for everyone we've created a sticky to cover each conference. In this sticky we ask that the community come here to discuss their general opinions, thoughts and feelings on the Sony press conference.

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No but seriously. I am really excited for this conference. They have a lot of potential with their line up. God of War 3 will be their biggest game, I'm hoping to see some Infamous DLC and some gameplay for Uncharted 2. I think this will be a good press conference.

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I still say new MGS for PS3.

#4 Posted by Dethfish (3780 posts) -

What are the chances this is the best conference of E3?

#5 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -

Queen! Off to a good start.

#6 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

Hoping for some new announcements to convince me to buy a PS3!

#7 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

This better be gewd!!!  I have a feeling it'll be amazing!

#8 Edited by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

QUEEEN!!!! lol

Thats all you needed to get me on board!
#9 Posted by MattyFTM (14725 posts) -

Awesome. Queen. They couldn't have made a better choice of music.

#10 Posted by Vinchenzo (6464 posts) -


#11 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

Sony doesn't have very many exclusives though. That might change this conference.

#12 Posted by Drebin_893 (3080 posts) -

Intro is awesome, purely because of the music.

#13 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -


#14 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

Nice joke about the leaks, man.

#15 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

lmao, that was pretty funny, hahaha. tretton pretty much nails this E3

#16 Posted by tekmojo (2362 posts) -

awesome hopefully this will be my favorite one

#17 Posted by Drebin_893 (3080 posts) -

Haha, that was brilliant. Thank God they acknowledge it.

#18 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

dude, that stage rocks, look at that fucking screen. it reminds me of the one at the comcast center. 

#19 Posted by Dethfish (3780 posts) -

That's one big screen behind him

#20 Posted by Drebin_893 (3080 posts) -

Hehe... PSP.... Succesful. Ha!

#21 Posted by Spiritof (2280 posts) -

What? No "Feddie Mercury is dead" joke?

#22 Posted by Dethfish (3780 posts) -

Persona 5 coming up

#23 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -

Oh god, another fake audience...

#24 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

nobody's applauding the multiplatform games, except batman which has exclusive dlc. that is funny

#25 Posted by AltDimension (283 posts) -

Hah, I guessed they'd still be talking of the PS2. Still despite not really being a Sony fan I do expect good things from this conference

#26 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

Good way to start off the conference. PS2 is the shit man.

#27 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -


#28 Posted by tekmojo (2362 posts) -

no graphs and pie charts yet, although lots of numbers

#29 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

Mispronounced Uruguay. I hate it when people do that.

#30 Posted by Vinchenzo (6464 posts) -


#31 Posted by BrockSampson (317 posts) -

Why the fuck are they spending time talking about the PS2. Only so they can say they have 3 successful gaming systems at once. At least they did not spend too much time on it.

#32 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -


#33 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

they always start off with numbers. the activision one was pretty much nothing but such.

#34 Posted by Spiritof (2280 posts) -

Tretton does not drop "GiantBomb's" name!


#35 Posted by Drebin_893 (3080 posts) -

I like Evan Wells. Nice man.

#36 Posted by Dethfish (3780 posts) -
@Vinchenzo: I know, what a jackass.
#37 Posted by Vinchenzo (6464 posts) -

Not sure about you guys but I'm already enjoying this conference. Tretton is just a good talker.

#38 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

wasting no time, UNCHARTED 2 sweett!

#39 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

I'm gonna be all over that beta.

#40 Posted by BrockSampson (317 posts) -
@Vinchenzo:  Why would he mention Giantbomb again?
#41 Posted by Demo (272 posts) -


#42 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -

The audience is really annoying.

#43 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

*climbing*, *cheers*

surprised no member is shouting "OH SHIT DRAKE! THAT COPTER SHOOTIN YA!"

#44 Posted by Spiritof (2280 posts) -


I loved the first one.

#45 Posted by tekmojo (2362 posts) -

oh man uncharted 2!

#46 Posted by Dethfish (3780 posts) -

Is it just me or does this look like one of the best games shown at E3?

#47 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

Oh man, this is a sick demo.

#48 Posted by Warfare (1677 posts) -

Uncharted looks good.

#49 Posted by Hairydutchman (1041 posts) -

Goty 2009

#50 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

I think this could be a console seller.

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