Sony Getting Into Cloud Gaming With Gaikai Purchase

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#51 Posted by mrpandaman (881 posts) -

@Abendlaender said:

This has to be the most restrained headline that Alex ever put up.

I know, right? I thought this was a Patrick article, but I guess Alex couldn't find some snarky headline to put up (and I mean that in a good way).

#52 Posted by Maitimo (207 posts) -

There still doesn't seem a great deal of sense to this. Not every country they're looking to sell their devices in has the infrastructure to support cloud gaming.

#53 Posted by gill124 (2 posts) -

I use Onlive all the time. With a 12/2 connection on comcast I've never had lag or graphics issues unless using WiFi (and even then not often).

Ive been a part of and seen what cloud based gaming can do for over a year now and it's pretty great when handled correctly. If sony can correctly implement this with their own library that would be amazing

#54 Posted by jillsandwich (804 posts) -

David Perry get it done.

#55 Edited by Cubical (667 posts) -

Netflix sucks balls the video and audio quality is like tin can and string while looking at a fuzzy ass picture on one of those slide show projectors.

I go get the fucking blurays at a rental place since netflix looks like ass.

I do not want to stream a video game over the internet with your crap online compressed ass laggy netflix like video quailty sony so fuck you sony wont be happening.

That is also why I buy fucking Cds Mp3 and compressed crap sound like ass im not paying for that crap.

#56 Posted by phantomzxro (1604 posts) -

i must be one of the few but i think this is a smart move not just for cloud gaming but more for the infrastructure of cloud gaming. Having game saves, save states, demos or anything that can be locked to a profile up in the cloud would be great to have.

#57 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

100ms+ round-trip input lag, minimum sucks.

anyway, ISPs are moving towards pay-per-GB models for bandwidth. Anything cloud related is at odds with that. One thing for sure is that the consumer is going to get fucked. The big corps are just arm wrestling over who gets the first turn.

#58 Posted by Overbite (231 posts) -

my favorite cloud game is Final Fantasy 7

#59 Posted by jasondesante (617 posts) -

ahh alex you joker CLOUD GAMING! HAHA youre hilarious, I was actually imagining a picture of cloud from FF7, on a couch holding a PS1 controller playing FF7. Now how about that, Cloud Gaming!

#60 Posted by YapaPanda (148 posts) -

This sounds great, if there is a psn plus account that works like netflix with a huge sony catalogue I do not see the down side.

#61 Posted by Pop (2689 posts) -

I used OnLive a little bit and liked it but then I bought a new computer so I didn't need it anymore when I heard about Gaikai, I tried that too and it worked even better than OnLive. I like cloud gaming and I think really good things can be done with it, like playing cinematics off it or using it to cover load times by playing the game in the cloud while it loads on your console/computer.

#62 Edited by SpartanHoplite (429 posts) -

thats true.

and thats why its just added content next to what u currently have, im sure sonys not going stream only.

#63 Posted by ChrisTaran (1780 posts) -

No plans to ever use cloud based gaming.

#64 Posted by EndlessLotus (119 posts) -

Quite a dear purchase....

#65 Posted by Fascismo (131 posts) -

Did.. did Alex go through the effort of photoshopping smoke into 40 Year Old virgin so he could make a pot joke? They weren't high in that scene

#66 Posted by radion_null (188 posts) -

I bet Sony will begin implementing the Gaikai Tech with Playstation Mobile then move on up. But will it be implemented properly?

#67 Posted by Alex (3090 posts) -

@Fascismo: Shockingly, no! I just found it on Google Image Search. I ain't got that kind of time!

#68 Posted by MaddogExplosive (18 posts) -

Where the fuck is Year of the Cage, Alex?

#69 Posted by ineedmoneyplyr (16 posts) -

As soon as I saw that cloud gaming picture I knew it was Alex Navarro.

#70 Posted by spokkeh (20 posts) -

I don't see this working for me; my connection struggles with streaming video, let alone a game. Alongside the input lag, it'd probably be unbearable.

#71 Posted by jmood88 (406 posts) -

Unless they improve the technology, this isn't very exciting for me. Playing the gaikai demos on Origin isn't that great.

#72 Posted by pmurph (80 posts) -

If this actually made it on to the Vita i would be damn impressed. And not at all annoyed about the lack of content right now, depending on what the actually produce for this service.

Although i bet they would make it a PS+ thing,not that i would blame them at all for that.

#73 Posted by Sammo21 (4156 posts) -

@raikoh05: eh, my friend is on basic DSL and he does just fine with On Line and he's in a semi-rural area.

#74 Posted by JakeBond (6 posts) -

i used ONLIVE for a while and loved it , with a lower spec laptop and a high bandwidth connection meant i got incredible smooth game play on hundreds of decent games. Due to the nature of my life/job means i am not always able to bring my PlayStation with me, however my laptop and phone (xperia play) are always with me, so whenever i can find a bit of wi-fi i can crack on with some higher spec games rather than a boring 2d flash based game. With this partnership this could mean that no longer i am playing video games for no reason and instead my playtime going towards earning PlayStation trophies. This could possibly extend the life of the PlayStation by proving higher spec games on a lower spec device?

#75 Edited by PixelSoldier (72 posts) -

I've only briefly looked at the comments made thus far, but I'm glad to see people considering the deployment of this streaming gaming tech on the PS Vita. I don't think this would be something to benefit current PS3 owners. I would imagine this being done in a way to allow people to play their PS4 games on the Vita. So let's say you buy your new copy of "The Very Last of Us," register the game on PSN and you're able to stream your game when you're on the go with your Vita. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but if it does happen I'll feel pretty smart.

#76 Posted by Boopie (197 posts) -

PS4 is like OnLive am confirmed!

#77 Edited by Brackynews (4244 posts) -

I was hoping for a picture of MDK (Mission Deliver Kloud gaming), but oh well. Sacrifices made. Don't need a messiah complex.

#78 Posted by Paradigmer (263 posts) -

I've played around with cloud gaming with the business class internet we have at work. Still kinda wonky.

#79 Posted by Jawshua (288 posts) -

I've never heard of this Gaikai before.

#80 Posted by Namons (14 posts) -

I definitely can't see the next gen going fully cloud gaming but I can certainly see this as a next step as the infrastructure continues to improve.

#81 Edited by abdulhb3 (14 posts) -

This definitely has lots of implications, but who knows if Sony's execution will make a significant impact on the industry as a whole. That being said, I successfully played a 30-minute demo of The Witcher 2 through Gaikai and it ran beautifully. So at least Gaikai's current infrastructure is sophisticated enough for broadband-speed internet.

#82 Posted by banishedsoul1 (342 posts) -

i don't think sony spendt almost 400million just to load demos faster. they have some thing big planned for sure.

#83 Posted by sopachuco13 (452 posts) -

I think that OnLive is a great value.

Why didn't Sony and Valve ever get together? I Portal 2 came out with SteamPlay and I always hoped that they would jump into bed with each other. I would like to know why there wasn't more done with that relationship. We all know that Valve has few nice things to say about the Xbox platform.

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