Sony planning 10k layoffs worldwide (not official until Thursday)

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Apparently Kaz Harai will be holding a press conference on Thursday. The news brief also notes a 2 billion dollar loss for the last quarter. Ouch. Commiserations to those facing the axe. It seems their TV sector is being blamed for most of the losses, hopefully their gaming sector will not be hit hard with layoffs.

Sony has been an interesting corporation to watch for the past few decades, with fingers in many pies they have both remarkable successes and miserable failures. I'm curious to see what they bring to E3 this year.

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Well considering other companies have risen in the TV and give them a run for their money I am not that all surprised most of the losses come from the TV division.

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Regardless of being one of the most significant names in electronics, Sony has been publishing enormous losses for four years running. The company has announced that it is anticipating a quarterly loss of almost $3 billion and is firing 10,000 workers. The effects of natural disasters that hit Japan as well as the massive flooding in Thailand, affects Sony's manufacturing that leads to tremendous losses at the end of 2011 and the fiscal year that has just ended. In addition to that, its chemicals operations which are being sold to the Development Bank of Japan, Sony is also going to reduce its workforce by 6 percent, or 10,000 people. There are several top executives that are also being asked to return bonuses, according to MSNBC. Article Source: 10K workers to get pink slips in Sony layoffs.

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Maybe they should stop selling televisions?

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Both the scale of Sony's losses and these lay-offs is mind-boggling. I feel sorry for the people being layed off but when the company was leaking this much money there was no way they weren't going to take drastic measures to fix it.

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Considering their net loss was around $3 billion last year, $2 billion in losses in a single quarter is definitely not the direction that Sony needs to be going in. Though it's not surprising if indeed it is their TV department that's the cause. I can't even remember the last time I even thought about buying a TV made by Sony.

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it always makes me wonder why these companies don't spend more time on internet forums. they're always full of smart, know-it-all people that knew exactly how the company should of been run all along.

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One of my good friends just got a marketing manager job with them in Sydney, hope she doesn't get axed :(

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