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#51 Posted by confideration (442 posts) -
@DougQuaid said:
@jabbertrack said:
@DougQuaid said:
I guess I can go back and play SWG and PlanetSide for a month and half now. Yay?
I totally just played Planetside for like 3 hours... fucking awesome!

If GB did a QL of Planetside that would just about make my year
What's the community like now?
There is one server, but the battles are just as good as back in the day, at least the couple days I've been playing. 

I can not get enough bridge battles.
#52 Posted by Pop (2651 posts) -

hey guys PSN is up :D

#53 Edited by BonOrbitz (2252 posts) -

I signed on and changed my password. I think the service is getting slammed because it took a couple system errors and a few minutes to sign in. The PS store is still down.

#54 Posted by BasketSnake (1292 posts) -

You're either with Kaz or you're with the trolls.

#55 Posted by baron_calamity (240 posts) -

I finally can sign up the the playstation network!

#56 Posted by Satsugai (52 posts) -

I quad kited my way to a level and 10 aa points on everquest this morning before breakfast. That double experience thing is deadly. Of course, I'm probably going to forget all about it when Witcher 2 and LA Noire come out tuesday.

#57 Posted by Siphillis (1298 posts) -

Home before Store?   Sony continue to perplex me.

#58 Posted by GozerTC (458 posts) -

Hmm... I might have to jump into Planetside again.  For 30 days.  If I can figure out how to.  At least I got my 450 Station Cash and stuff.  Yeah... :\


Got my login changed too so that's a plus. :p


At work.  Will figure out when I get home.


#59 Posted by Govannan (25 posts) -

Fiiiiiiiinally, jeez!

#60 Posted by Xymox (2115 posts) -

Okay, so it does indeed say 45 days non-recurring, but it doesnt seem that it's limited to one game. 

Both my SWG and Everquest II have the plans, but only my SWG says it's going to expire: so I'm wondering if in 45 days, I'll basically get 45 days of EQ2. Interesting. Thanks sony. 

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