Sony Online Outlines 'Make Good' Plan to MMO Subscribers, More to Come

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#51 Posted by Xsheps (114 posts) -

Lousy game anyways -- a 67 on Metacritic for the PS3?   Come on now.

#52 Posted by blaakmawf (543 posts) -

My face is a batman inspired mask which I use to get my way -through fear.

#53 Posted by McShank (1631 posts) -
@JohnPaulVann said:
" @McShank said:
" @buft said:
" the compensation plan is stupid, i no longer have my PS3 but my identity and credit card information where held on their server, i get squat and the people who this affected more got not much more. "
If you don't own a PS3 anymore then they why would you get anything? What has happened to you from all of this? Nothing. And everyone who has a ps3 atm will be compensated for the downtime in some way. No free internet game for 2 weeks is not that bad. "
Gee, I guess you think identity theft isn't a big deal. Wait till somebody snags your social security number and maybe you'll think different. "
If that happens then O well, I guess they can take the money outta my account and use my name for stuff.. to bad my credit isn't perfect so GL with getting credit cards.. I dont keep alot of cash in my account so they wont get rich. And im a student so unless they do things with my info in my state i doubt it will go for long without me being contacted. And has your info been taken from this? NO, has mine? No, has anyone else's? Nope.. so i dont see the problem.
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@jNerd said:
" Nice masks... "

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