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Live stage demo at E3 2010.

Sorcery is a PlayStation 3 title developed by The Workshop specifically for use with the PlayStation Move controller. It was first shown publicly during Sony's E3 2010 press conference and was released on May 22, 2012. The game is a third-person action-adventure game in which the player takes control of a young sorcerer's apprentice who must save the land from the Nightmare Queen armed only with his wand. The game had a certain meme attached to it later due to the phrase (Good Job Jeremy).


You play as a young Sorcerers Apprentice named Finn studying under the guidance of Sorcerer Dash, while Dash goes out for an errand you destroy a potion that the old man had been working on. Your female cat Companion Erline suggest you go and harvest the ingredients required to recreate the potion before Dash returns. Unfortunately while you are down collecting the ingredients a evil witch breaks free and aims to destroy the world. Finn has been eagerly awaiting an adventure all of his life so he and Erline set out to stop her before its too late.


The game requires both a Move wand and a Navigation controller to play, the wand is how you perform all of your spells and the navigation controller is for moving about the environment. When you start the game all you can really do is flick the wand forward to perform a simple Arcane spell, which serves as your pea shooter. But later on in the game you get to perform various spells that evoke various elements.

The game has a few puzzles thrown into the mix but most of them are straight forward, your usually running into an area, defeating all the enemies and then moving forward.


Sorcery received mix to positive reviews and ended at a 70 on metacritc. The game was praised for its unique control scheme but then picked apart at its lack of replay value.

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