Wait, Sorcery is coming out this week??!!

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I thought Sorcery looked pretty cool and interesting enough when they first revealed it at E3(what was it, 2010?)

Since then, there were a couple of articles saying "this is coming out!!" just to remind us that Sorcery was still a thing.

Sadly, I feel like Sony is throwing this game under a truck... Not even a single ad or any marketing efforts that I have noticed. Demond's Quest probably had more marketing than Sorcery.

Maybe because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan(yeap, I said it) but I thought this game was what Harry Potter game should have been and that was interesting enough to get me.

I have been consumed by Diablo 3 though so I'll have to pass on this game(or multiple games for that matter) but it makes me sad that a game that had some promising and potentials going without anybody really noticing.

IGN did review it and they gave 7.5. Base on the video, it looks aiite. Thoughts?

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As a Harry Potter fan myself, I can't say that I was all that interested in a game that looks more or less like off-brand Potter. It also doesn't make Sony look particularly confident in the gam'e quality when they release it with zero fanfare in the shadow of a major release like Diablo III.

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I miss E2. Much better than this E3 crap we have nowadays.

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@Winternet: lol Crap, my bad. I did not even notice it. I fixed it now!

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@Winternet said:

I miss E2. Much better than this E3 crap we have nowadays.

I heard they're retooling E3 to be more like the E2 of yore but better. They might even upgrade their name to E4 to express this shift. Because 4 is twice 2.

EDIT: ahhhh, don't fix it! :(

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How about a Launch Trailer,

Loading Video...

And some gameplay?

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It has a neat idea, but even if I did have more than a passing interest in it I'm not gonna get a Move just to play it.

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@RockmanBionics said:

How about a Launch Trailer,

And some gameplay.

It has a neat idea, but even if I did have more than a passing interest in it I'm not gonna get a move just to play it.

I thought this would be the game that would convince and give me an excuse to get a Move lol

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Between this and Datura, I feel I should probably get back the Move wand I borrowed to a friend more than a year ago... pretty much the reason I got Move to begin with (and that really turned out to be a GREAT idea, didn't it?), and it still looks ... pretty good?

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Sorcery was the game that made me want a Move Controller, so here I sit years later with a dust encrusted Move Controller and Navigation controller. So I just bought it and am waiting for my controllers to charge and in we go!

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