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"You've been my hero since we were kids, it's just official now."

Soris is the cousin of Shianni and also The Warden if The Warden is from the City Elf origin. He grew up in the Denerim Alienage with The Warden.

Class and Skills

Soris is a Warrior Class character. He has level 2 Combat Training. He can use the Precise Striking Mode. He comes with the Shield Bash and Shield Block abilities. He is specialized as a Shield and Sword Warrior.

In the City Elf Origin

Soris and The Warden are cousins and they both have arranged marriages on the same day. The wedding is interrupted when Vaughan, the son of the Arl of Denerim, carries off all the women. If The Warden is male Soris and the player will storm the estate. If the Warden is female she will be taken to the castle and will be rescued by Soris as she's being brought to Vaughan. Soris and The Warden fight their way through the estate until they meet Vaughan; once they meet him The Warden can make an agreement to let Vaughan go for 40 Sovereigns or they can kill him. Regardless of the choice made Soris and The Warden will be found by the local guard. The player has the choice of claiming full responsibility or sharing the blame with Soris. Taking the blame will allow Soris to continue living a free life in the Alienage. Sharing the blame will cause Soris to be imprisoned in the Arl of Denerim's Dungeons. Even if Soris isn't turned in he and his wife's marriage will not go well. She is taken by Tevinter slavers posing as healers.

Howe's Dungeon

If The Warden isn't from the City Elf origin or they allowed him to be arrested then he will be found in Arl Rendon Howe's Dungeon in the Arl of Denerim's Estate. He can be released from his cell. This gives +5 to +7 approval points from Zevran. Soris will return to the Alienage and the elves, especially Shianni, will be nicer to the player if they aren't elven. After he goes back to his house he can be asked about what's going on in the Alienage.


There are two endings for Soris in the epilogue:

If The Warden was a City Elf then Soris will eventually remarry. He marries a rich human women and they are very happy. Denerim isn't overly accepting of the relationship so he leaves with his wife after the scandal. They settle down in Highever and have many children.

The other ending slide doesn't show up as it's supposed to during the epilogue. If Soris becomes the Bann of the Alienage he will still marry a wealthy human woman. This ignites a scandal which leads to a riot. The riot is met with a crackdown on the elves in the Alienage. Disgusted, Soris resigns his post and leaves Ferelden with his wife. No new Bann is named to replace him.

Voice Actor

Soris is voiced by John Rubinow who has voiced many other characters in Dragon Age: Origins.

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