Anyone play this? Any good?

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So with the E-Shop having launched for the 3DS recently, I decided to browse through the DSi releases to see if there was anything worth spending some monies on. One of the titles I came across was this seemingly action-y, very Castlevania-ish, sidescroller from Gameloft.

Like seriously, it looks like a frikkin' Castlevania game. Watch!

I think it looks decent enough and there's even some praise for it in the comments section however, not content with trusting just any bunch of random strangers, I instead turn to the very specific bunch of strangers of the Giantbomb community for help.

Heck! I'm also kinda curious if anyone even knows that this game exists.

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Looks nifty!

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@RockmanBionics: Gameloft are notorious for cloning famous games from various genres. They are generally viewed as decent cheap entertainment no where near as good as the games they try and simulate. Google Gameloft and clones and you will pull up several articles and forum posts talking about this. Some people see it as unethical, others see it as a way to get similar games to their favourites cheaper.
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@craigbo180: Well, despite the way I worded my initial post I did sort of know that, I have looked at some of their other games as well. Still originality isn't an issue here, I just want to know if it's good or not. No one seems to be responding so I guess I'll just google a few reviews.

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@RockmanBionics: Oh right well I am of no help I don't know if I have ever even played a gameloft game ever, never mind this one specifically. 
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@RockmanBionics: Don't know if it's too late but, I purchased it on a whim and it's pretty alright. Castlevania Clone though but, it kills some time.

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@Synthballs: Well I was gonna buy it and try it, but haven't been able to add any more funds to my account. I live in Europe and it's an American 3DS so I might just be forgetting whatever fake zip code I punched in, or they might have changed their system somehow in the latest update.

Either way I'm screwed until they release some prepaid cards or something it seems. Still, thanks for the input.

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