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Soul Reaper is a 4 legged spider-like creature with massive horns coming out of it's head. It's mouth (and nose) is vertically shapped and split into three, though it's unsure if he actually needs substenance other than the souls he collects, the fact he has no teeth certainly points that way.
In the presence of the Soul Reaper, all your regrets, crimes and shortcomings weigh on you, slowly eating away at your soul. It's judgement is final and it needs to feed on your soul, so there is an obvious bias here that he seems none too concerned with. If you resist, Demonic Execution will turn you into the starter course.
Some of it's most notable unit reactions are: "you (the player) are lucky I let you order me around", "clock's ticking", "if I work a little harder I will hit my soul quota for the day", "I miss hell, it was so much warmer there", "I would take Maliken's soul, but... well, it's already gone", "967, 968... sorry, I was counting my souls" and my favorite "who ya gonna call? Soul Reaper!"


Semi-carry and Supporter. With it's large health pool and spammable Judgement, Soul Reaper is no pushover in combat. It's role as a supporter is perhaps a bit limited since it has no stuns, but it's heal and Withering Presence can play a significant part in supporting it's team.



The Soul Reaper assigns souls to punish or reward all enemies and allies in his presence.

Withering Presence

All enemies in the Reaper's presence are faced with the ghosts of their past, causing them to slowly lose their health.

Inhuman Nature

Everytime it kills, the Reaper receives a portion of his mana points back.

Demonic Execution

A hooded figure holding a scythe appears out of nowhere and strikes at the target. Depending on how close to death it is, it might take his soul without questions.

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