billmcneal's Soul Calibur II (Xbox) review

Terrific Fighting Game for Guys Like Me

Soul Calibur II is a fighting game with a ton of modes and so much depth, you will spend hours playing this game. If you like this franchise, I am sure you will like this installment. The characters are varied enough to provide you with different fighting styles depending upon who you choose. Some of the characters can beat you using the same moves over and over, but for someone who is not as good with fighting games as I am, I enjoy characters that I can master easily. This game includes Weapon Master mode which has you traveling around a map, taking on battles one by one, acquiring new weapons and unlocking modes as you advance. After you have beat the game in Arcade mode or had enough playing with friends, Weapon Master mode provides many additional hours of gameplay. This game is loads of fun to play, although if you are a fighting purist, you may not like the Soul Edge/Blade/Calibur franchise because many characters can defeat opponents using the same moves over and over. However, someone with fighting skills like me loves this game and its ease in play.
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