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Classic Arcade Fighting! Still At Top of it's Game or is it?

This game is a solid game with excellent controls though the controls are a bit complicated so I would advice alot of practice in arcade mode or vs. mode or as the you need to master which combinations are need for certain situations. Each Console has its own version the PS2 has Heihachi  from Tekken in the PlayStation 2 version of the game. Each character starts off in the game with a weapon that is well-balanced for them however as you play story mode and progress through it you will unlock weapons through money earned and new maps, characters and even features such as art, bio of fighter and etc. Once you unlock the weapons for characters they will advance certain aspects of fighting but may weaken another as well. "Offensive increases, but lacks defense or Long reach, but lacks defense" Though they have weaknesses these would be prefered depending out the map for example small maps I would probably use a Long reach one for the easy ring out. 

Overall, this game is worth playing with 2 players though certain features such as customizing own character, or creating own stage could have been to add.

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