atlas's Weapon Set: Ultimate Weapons (Xbox 360) review

A complete waste of money; a marginal time saver

Let's get one thing straight; Soulcalibur IV was the best fighting game of 2008, a true return to form for the series, and in my humble opinion, a modern fighting game classic. However, to describe Namco's idea of what should be premium DLC as laughable would be giving them too much credit. 
All you need to know is this; what you are paying for in this pack is something that is already in the game. Once you defeat Story Mode with a character, you unlock their ultimate weapon that the character, and all your palette swap custom characters can use. It's a great thing to unlock, but it's also very easy to unlock. Story Mode in Soulcalibur IV is not challenging, with each one taking up about 10-15 minutes, even for fighting game peasants like myself. 
The only scenario on which I could possibly conceive spending your hard earned money on this DLC is if you are completely hopeless at the game, but are desperately wanting to get all the achievements for the game, as unlocking all the weapons is part of it. Or maybe there's one character you just can't get down, and you need their weapon to unlock everything. Let me give you some advice; if this scenario is in any way close to describing your situation, consult a specialist.
Honestly, this is worse than Horse Armour. This is an already in-game item that you can unlock with relative ease, and a shameful attempt at DLC from one of the most legendary companies in video game history. The same people that brought you Pac-Man brought you this terrible, terrible add-on. It feels wrong to call it an add-on, because it's not adding anything; it's just unlocking it. 
This review probably applies to all Soulcalibur IV DLC, with the possible exception of the bonus Star Wars characters, who at least offer some uniqueness to the game. But these weapons packs are the worst offenders. Avoid at all costs.


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