sins_of_mosin's Soul Calibur IV (Xbox 360) review

A dud.

I'm a fan of fighting games with a lot of Tekken 2 hours under my belt. Visually the game is stunning and the sounds are decent. There are plenty of characters to choose from and the customize system is pretty neat. The story and arcade modes are very short so it's a good thing the loading times are no longer then 5-10 seconds. I don't like the ring out system at all. It's a very cheap way of winning or losing. The tower mode is alright but sometimes it can get too hard unless you have a very specific customer character. My main complaint is that the characters are what I call stiff. I just don't see any fluid movements between attacking and moving. DBZ: Burst Limit felt more like a real fighting game with fluid movement and attacks. SC just don't cut it for me and I would rate it a rental unless your a fan of SC's previous games.


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