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Sharpen your swords

As this 4th entry in the now legendary Soul Calibur series comes to stores, many are likely asking how Project Soul is innovating their franchise.  Starting off, the character models in this game look gorgeous, animation is fluid, boobs bounce in almost absurd ways, and weapon impacts feel spot on.  The game integrates a very robust character creation system allowing for players to completely customize any of the stock characters or create a completely new one.

In perhaps a ridiculous Star Wars  tie-in, Yoda, Darth Vader, and the Secret Apprentice make an appearance in this game.  Yoda and Vader both do not seem to fit in with the other characters in the game.  Force powers make for some very interesting fight possibilities but they also do not seem even remotely fair when compared to the rest of the characters' abilities.  The Apprentice is the only character that feels even remotely appropriate given his fighting styles.  And don't even get me started on why lightsabers don't cut through the swords.......

Online mode is very fun and extremely competitive even at this early stage after release.  There are those that will gripe that nerfs have been made to their favorite characters, but if anything this forces players to learn new things and try some of the other new characters that have been introduced.

Overall this game is excellent


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