dimsey's Soul Calibur IV (Xbox 360) review

Soul Calibur IV


  • Looks great
  • Solid game play
  • Decent character customization options


  • Character customization often forces you to wear lame looking outfits simply because they have better stats then the stuff that actually looks good.
  • Star Wars characters feel totally out of place.
  • Cheesy voice overs, whilst initially amusing will grate on your nerves as you play.

I never played the original Soul Calibur.
I didn't get to play Soul Calibur 2, which from what I've gathered most people agree to be the best in the series.
I played 3 which played decently enough, which is what prompted me to get 4.

It plays much the same.

Character customization plays something of a big part in the game.
Most of the modes take your clothing's stats into account, so of course you'll want to be wearing the clothes with the best stats.
Unfortunately the clothes with the best stats often aren't aesthetically appealing in comparison to some of the clothing options that come up short stat wise.

Yoda being in the game annoys me.
He's short, so he's often difficult to hit.
And you can't throw him, which sucks.

Starkiller (The Apprentice) is better as far as playability is concerned, but still feels out of place.

Now one thing I've been pondering is boobs.
Not in general, but in Soul Calibur.
And I've been thinking of a way to discuss it without having me come off as a pervert.
But I don't think I can, so fuck it - I SUPPORT JAPANS GIANT TITS FETISH.
I've heard a surprising amount of people being all up in arms about the female characters lack of clothing - especially Ivy - who if she wears any less might as well not be wearing anything.
All I have to say is dude, it's a fighting game.
Since the dawn of time, chicks in fighting games have been designed to be attractive and not wearing much. And I for one don't really mind.
It's part of the games charm in my mind.

Story mode is rather short, no matter what character you play as.
You can lengthen it a little by actually reading the incredibly slow scrolling text at the front, but after a few characters you'll see that whatever story is there isn't all that good and just skip it to get into the game.

It's more fun multi player of course, fighting games generally are.
I've tried online and found it too laggy but I prefer my fighting games to be local anyway, so it doesn't really bother me.

So depending on how you feel about giant boobs, shoehorned in Star Wars characters and annoying voice overs - well if you can ignore or even like those things this games easy to recommend.
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