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Soul Calibur Lives to Fight Another Day

When I was younger my friend left his copy of Soul Calibur 2 in my house when he moved away so i was happy to have gotten a free game so i started playing and to my surprise five hours had passed since i had started playing. this is the magic that the Soul Calibur series has always had over me and Soul Calibur 4 is no exception. when i first booted it up i do what i always do and explore the options and then unlocked all of the characters which is very very easy this time around, all you have to do is just play a few stories and arcade modes to unlock or buy the characters. then i started making a character of my own. my creation was nothing less of perfect for me i spent about 30 minutes changing armor and clothing of my character. the character creation in this game is brilliant with hundreds of clothing options to choose from and dozens of colors customize with. the same can be said of the story mode which is short and sweet but it still is fun to do to get practice with your character(s) you enjoy playing as. Arcade mode is like a longer version of story with 8 one on one fights that are fun and easy. now the real legs of the single player modes is the Tower of Lost souls mode. in this you ascend the tower with increasing harder fights that usually pit one or two characters of your choice against 9 to 12 enemies which is so hard about halfway through that only the hardcore will beat this mode. now the online in this game is amazing matches are quickly found and played with the special abilities or without and lag is kept to a minimal. overall this game is a must have for any fighter fans. but the difficulty of the tower of lost souls shows a break in this games almost perfect armor. (no pun Intended)


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