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Soulcalibur review made from irn (barrs)

Alright you bleeding f'ing bum wart, check this out, yeh? soul-C it well mexico! A lot going on about it being belgium yeh? But it's well dense! yeh?.... Well lets get real, it's not quite!
 and continuing on the path of honesty I'm not quite the reiewer my introductory lines might have suggested, fortunitly. Just another grumpy Scot sitting about drinking irn-bru and eating chips ( oh and for the record irn-bru = bubblegum falvour, madness!).  I've always fantasised about writing my own reviews, envisaging readings being enthrolled by wit and itellect but having trawled my way through numerous reader reviews I've come to the conclusion i couldn't be assed and more importantly neither could you. So on that note lets get back to point with a quick and frank review of soulcalibur IV.   It's a bit shit.

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