Any difference between consoles?

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So i was thinking of picking this up but was curious of the usual "what console is it better for?" argument. Ill assume that stuff like visuals and everything on that side are close so what i was wondering is are there character specific to certain consoles like previous SC games and i guess this is more a matter of opinion but which consoles controller plays better with this game. I did play SCIV on xbox but ive recently ben getting real into my playstation so thats why i was wondering which its better for.

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It's an identical game on both consoles, haven't heard anything bad about the online for either console's version either.

And as mightily helpful as this post is, the controllers are just down to preference. the SC games mostly have "one direction and a button" input for moves, so I guess you could pick PS3 for its good dpad.

Long story short, just grab either!

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I haven't heard about any significant differences. Just pick the console with the controller you prefer.

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lens of truth has a comparison. Looks pretty identical to me.

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Hmm, no I guess not. That's cool.

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