The Stage of History Gets More Crowded In Soul Calibur V

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Ah yeah! 
Looks like a flashyer Soul Caliber 4. Not yet impressed.
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"... a tale of swords and souls..." - would have sounded better with Ryan Davis mockery voice?

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Yo that looks like Soul Calibur but with a 5 at the end and no guest characters... yet.

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Yep, looks like another Soul Calibur game. I think I'll stick to Mortal Kombat.

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The real question is: who will the console specific characters be?

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The character models and levels look almost exactly the same :(

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God I hope this game doesn't suck.

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the trailer seems VERY old school epic JRPG intro

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@thedevilbat said:

The real question is: who will the console specific characters be?

Ryu and Ken, to tie in with their partnership with Capcom and help hype up Tekken vs Street Fighter (I'm just speculating, but that's what my money is on).

I'm quite upset about the roster they're going with in this one. How many fighting games have made the mistake of doing away with fan favourite characters and bringing in second rate clones? Cassandra and Sophitia have always been my favourite characters in this series and now they've been replaced with cretinous kids?

I'm already very put off, I don't even care to find out anything else about the game now. Stop replacing our favourite characters with clones!

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Looks identical to Soul Calobur IV. All my interest lost in one trailer.

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No word yet on the size of Ivy's tits... 
Which means the jury is still out on this one in my mind.

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That looks like some goddamn Soul Calibur. Will probably be a pass, barring something thrown in to mix things up a little.

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Well, it looks like the whole "two handed swords are done in this game" was a lie.  That dude clearly had a two-handed sword.  I'm happy.

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If they fix some of the system issues, I'm fine with the graphics staying similar to SC4 as that still has the best graphics in a fighting game in my opinion. Mostly I hope they work on the movement and make it fun again. SC4 seemed to just turn into a high/low guessing game as movement was not rewarded. I know they have eight-way run, but it's pointless when they make it so risky to move. Saw some nice side-steps in between blocks in the trailer so maybe they looked at this.

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Five years ago, I would have been excited about this. Now, I really don't give a damn. Just looks like more SCIV, which is a bad thing.

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I'm sorry but this looks retarded. I already own this game. It's called Soul Calibur 4 and that isn't saying much.

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@RE_Player92 said:

Yo that looks like Soul Calibur but with a 5 at the end and no guest characters... yet.

Yeah I hope they actually have some crazy dumb ass characters to follow the long standing tradition.

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So if this is 17 years later, I take it all the characters will be son/daughters/apprentices/students/etc. or just older versions of themselves. That sounds pretty lame. But does that also mean that middle aged Talim will be in this?

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Eternally retold is right.

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@WinterSnowblind: SFIII did that, and it was dope. Although, I do agree none of these replacements seem very good.
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So when I first saw this- all I saw was a Soul Calibur game. I looked at the footage from the Soul Calibur IV Review- and now I come back and say I see a slicker - less gritty- Soul Calibur. Which I don't necessarily feel is a good thing.  
And whether you thought the Star Wars characters really added to IV- I'd say it feels like they don't really have an edge to the game for V- at least in this trailer.

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Oh hey, it's this again.

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@slantedwindows said:
Video Game.
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I demand footage of Kilik or Maxi

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Not gonna hold my breath. Seems Namco has lost it. I liked Soul Calibur II and the PlayStation-era Tekken it's sad.

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stale as fuck 

#29 Posted by Vexed (328 posts) -

Hyper Combos is not what this game needed.

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This looks like Soul Calibur. With supers.

Oh, and everyone looks like they're from that create-a-fighter thing from IV. Is that Yuri Lowenthal I hear?

#31 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

They should add blood and nudity since their idea of iteration is gimmick stacking instead of freshening up the fighting itself.

#32 Posted by EuanDewar (5143 posts) -

That looks exactly the same.

#33 Posted by Bestostero (2919 posts) -

Looking forward to this! Hopefully it's better than Soul Calibur IV...didn't really like that one... 

#34 Posted by Piranesi (467 posts) -

After the success of Dead or Alive: Dimensions, I wish this would come to the 3DS instead.

#35 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Yep, that's Soul Calibur alright. I like Soul Calibur, but still, man, that trailer looked a hell of a lot like SC4. It's hard to get excited.

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I've always liked the Soul Calibur music

#37 Posted by Mento (3136 posts) -

Mirroring the "looks identical to IV" sentiment.
Love how the announcer almost sighs before saying "Five" at the end.

#38 Posted by SuperSambo (3019 posts) -

Before Mortal Kombat (9), SC was the only fighting game I had any fun on.

This just seems stale now though...

#39 Posted by Rio (603 posts) -

I would like this to be good again, but I wont get my hopes up.

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goodbye, mother.

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@smitty86: 12+17 does not equal middle aged.
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@Mento said:

  Love how the announcer almost sighs before saying "Five" at the end.

Haha i thought the exact same thing. It was totally "Soul Calibur!...fou..*sigh* Fiiiive...fucking game"
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Bored the fuck out of me.

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I've always really enjoyed Soul Calibur (although admittedly a little less each iteration), but I'm surprised to see so much backlash from Giant Bombers. I guess I overestimated the amount of respect the franchise commanded.

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If the story is just the same thing "eternally retold" then what the fuck is this game even about anymore?

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So I can see most of the male characters returning as some are in the trailer, wonder what they'll do about the female characters who would be in their fourties at this point though. Tekken avoids the problem by keeping Nina and Anna in suspended animation and replacing all the other female characters with younger ones. 
But having younger replacements for characters like Taki and Ivy doesn't seem right... but I guess this is Soul Calibur, so Taki and Ivy will probably still look 20-something. Just 'cause. 
Eh, I've never felt Soul Calibur needed super/ex/whatever moves. I never even used the finishers in IV, because they look dumb as hell.

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There's a surprising lack of boobs in this trailer.

#48 Posted by Wandrecanada (454 posts) -

Are they disputing the Calibur of my soul?  Cause I don't think I have one.

#49 Posted by darkjester74 (1603 posts) -
@MisterSnig said:

There's a surprising lack of boobs in this trailer.

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i remember when Soul Calibur used to be good, but that died when the dreamcast did.... oh well


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