The Stage of History Gets More Crowded In Soul Calibur V

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#51 Posted by plainplease (187 posts) -

That last dude should have said, "Goodbye, mother f@#ker"

#52 Posted by MentalDisruption (1643 posts) -'s Soul Calibur alright. Didn't see anything too interesting that caught my eye. Still need to see the features in the game because as far as I'm concerned that's where the last one truly failed. Ignoring other odd flaws. If it turns out to be another SC2 though I'll gladly give them my money.

#53 Posted by IamTerics (419 posts) -

Well the last one was pretty fun. This doesn't look horrible.

#54 Posted by Seraphim84 (412 posts) -

I saw old man Mitsurugi, but I require old man Kilik. And don't gimmie some son of his or some "him and Xianghua-or-Seung Mina hooked up, here's their daughter" junk. OLD. MAN. KILIK.

#55 Posted by Brendan (7845 posts) -

@DougQuaid said:

If the story is just the same thing "eternally retold" then what the fuck is this game even about anymore?


#56 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (697 posts) -

"Goodbye, mother!" (Why did I feel personally adressed there?) Let's start specualting, clearly being blonde, there's just one possible mother. Which has already been confirmed in the trailer; yep.. You heard it here first, MILF Sophitia. Team Ninja will be ripping their hair out when they realize someone beat them to the idea of saggy-breast physics.

#57 Posted by bearshamanbro (284 posts) -

@patronics: I, for one, am looking forward to this. SCIV was a great looking game, but it just wasn't that fun after a while. If they can improve the mechanics, I'll get it day one. I don't think they did themselves any favors showing this trailer so early. I think I read a few weeks ago that their only 10% complete with the game which would explain the stages from IV.

#58 Posted by JazGalaxy (1576 posts) -

Namco doesn't get that fighting games are succeeding becuase they're going back to the basics. This game looks like it will sell a few copies to the die hards, but will ultimately fail to make any sense to new players.

#59 Posted by Frank_Mann (54 posts) -

Soul Calibur 4.5. Not worth $60.

#60 Edited by downtime58 (224 posts) -

The last Soul Calibur was alright, but ultimately was a trade-in after some time - just not deep or interesting enough to keep playing.
With the improvements we've seen with Street FIghter and Mortal Kombat, I think this series needs some serious innovation to stay relevant. Unfortunately, everything about this trailer screamed "more of the same!"

#61 Posted by Romination (2777 posts) -

Everyone is dismissing this so quickly that it's amazing. Then again, we're the internet talking about games, that's what we do.

#62 Posted by FatherHydra (27 posts) -

Why does this look so much like Soul Calibur IV?

#63 Posted by blacklab (1570 posts) -

Sounds like a Disney movie.

#64 Posted by Taiyo (61 posts) -

I'm irrationally annoyed by how they show the book, which has the Soul Calibur V logo, only to fade to black, splash "S C V," and then fill in the letters, creating the exact same logo that we already saw on the book cover.

Also, "Goodbye, mother."

@Mento said:

Love how the announcer almost sighs before saying "Five" at the end.

Haha, truth. "SOUL CALIBUR... *sigh* five..."

#65 Posted by Mathey (443 posts) -

I'm not saying anything new here, but:

"Goodbye, Mother."

#66 Posted by Babylonian (837 posts) -

Boy-Sophitia kinda weirds me out.

#67 Posted by DrJota (700 posts) -

There's a reason I'm still playing SCII (Besides being a cheap-ass).Hopefully this'll make me reconsider.I wasn't too keen on 4,though it wasn't terrible by any means...

#68 Posted by Slaneesh (854 posts) -

Final Fantasy meets tekken... and this was born

#69 Posted by HerbieBug (4212 posts) -
@albedos_shadow said:

Eternally retold is right.

#70 Posted by Commando (1878 posts) -

Yup, that's Soul Caliber. Won't be getting it.

#71 Posted by TheChaos (1158 posts) -
@albedos_shadow said:

Eternally retold is right.

#72 Posted by Shadow (4981 posts) -

Other than the new super moves, this looks exactly like the previous one. I mean exactly. If you told me it was Soul Calibur 4 footage, I would believe you.

#73 Posted by RecSpec (3853 posts) -

Cringing at the thought of saggy boobs Ivy. At least Raphael will look pretty much the same (I would assume, vampire and all)

#74 Posted by Spiffo (13 posts) -

No thanks, I already bought this game

#75 Posted by Spiffo (13 posts) -

When they said "eternally retold" they weren't kidding!

#76 Posted by Mike76x (558 posts) -

Soul Calibur is one of the games I will buy every time.
It was one of the few games I wanted a Playstation for.

#77 Posted by McQuinn (651 posts) -

This game needs to take a fucking break. 

#78 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3066 posts) -

Please no Star Wars dudes!
#79 Posted by rawr (20 posts) -

Mechanically this series has been broken way too long and I doubt they are going to fix it. All the EVO tournament level players I know stopped after SC2 and devoted their time to VF or Tekken. Pretty sure adding the "create a fighter" was their way of throwing their hands into the air and agreeing that this is not a serious tourny fighter. Doubt that will change in this one and thus I am not interested.

#80 Posted by MisterMouse (3560 posts) -

looks fine, but nothing special.

#81 Posted by Gold_Skulltulla (227 posts) -

Soul Caliburvvvvvvvvv

#82 Posted by PipeAndSlippers (105 posts) -

I love that the story remains complete inscrutable, "heir to the title of holy warrior", why put that in the trailer? what does that even mean?

#83 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -

This looks like the exact same game as IV but with better graphics. =/

#84 Posted by RagnarokRed (90 posts) -

SCV Good to go sir

#85 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2384 posts) -


#86 Posted by Hashbrowns (656 posts) -

Woah, woah. Where's the proper narrator? It isn't Soul Calibur without him.

SOUL CALIBUR... *pregnant pause*.... FIVE!!!

I guess that'll have to do.

#87 Posted by IshimuraD (401 posts) -

That was Siegfried right? He didn't look thaaat much older. Mitsurugi's older look is pretty cool though, didn't he have a costume in a previous game that made him look older? It somehow doesn't look as pretty as SCIV. And were those Super/Ultra combos? Can we expect a super meter then?
I'm sure everyone else is thinking this too but, I'm curious as hell as to how the ladies of Soul Calibur look 17 years in the future...Ivy's 49 and Taki's 46. But meh it's a Japanese game so they'll probably still look good, heh.

#88 Posted by MeatSim (10897 posts) -

That narrator at the end seemed really apathetic about Soul Caliber V.

#89 Posted by StingerMK2 (386 posts) -

fuck bonus characters, im just lookin forward to the game

#90 Posted by newblacknoise (29 posts) -

Knowing nothing about Soul Calibur, it's clear I'm not the intended audience for this game: shiny looking fighter version of a JRPG, complete with shitty voice overs and shittier music? Jesus Rollerblading Christ, count me out.

#91 Posted by captainanderson (258 posts) -


#92 Posted by PenguinDust (12557 posts) -

Yeah, like a lot of others, I'm a bit disappointed in this trailer.  The game does look very much like SCIV and even sounds like they reused some of the combat dialogue.  Maybe it will have a better single-player than the last one or some other feature that they haven't mentioned yet.  As it stands right now, since I have SCIV, there isn't much reason to upgrade to SCV.  Too bad, DOA and SC are my two favorite fighter franchises.

#93 Posted by Hailinel (25179 posts) -

@Joey2683 said:

I'm sorry but this looks retarded. I already own this game. It's called Soul Calibur 4 and that isn't saying much.

I'm amazed you could judge that based on what little was shown in that trailer.

Of course it plays like a Soul Calibur game. Why wouldn't it?

#94 Posted by Elyhaym (229 posts) -

Same old, same old.

#95 Posted by xxNBxx (978 posts) -

Goodbye Mother, indeed.

#96 Posted by Keeng (1001 posts) -
@RagnarokRed: Heh. Nice one.
#97 Posted by Lonely_Ogre (97 posts) -

I guess I'm one of the few, but I thought the fighting looked different, and possibly better than IV. Sure, the graphics look the same, but I liked the graphics in IV, and I say don't fix what ain't broken. The differences I saw:

1. Sidestepping- it looked like characters were pulling much quicker, shorter sidesteps, as opposed to IV, where people were circling around half the match.

2. Faster-even Siegfried seemed much faster than he did in IV. (the speed looked more like SC III)

3. The pause effect-characters seemed to be activating special moves, similar to SF, and it had a cool looking pause effect, almost like a critical finish, but during the match.

Overall, I thought it looked like progress, and I'm excited to see more. :)

#98 Posted by Draugrim (135 posts) -

Heishiro Mitsurugi confirmed. Locked in.

#99 Posted by Crass_Commando (20 posts) -

"goodbye mother"

#100 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -
@Meatsim said:

That narrator at the end seemed really apathetic about Soul Caliber V.

i noticed that, he says it like he hates the 5 " SOUL CALIBUR.... "sigh" 5" 

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