Beck is contributing 3 tracks for Sound Shapes

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A story on today revealed that Beck has contributed 3 new songs to the Sound Shapes soundtrack: 'Cities,' 'Touch The People,' and 'Spiral Staircase.'

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Link here

I don't give a shit about Beck, but this quote made me smile:

The title will also include original music by deadmau5, I Am Robot and Proud and Jim Guthrie, who previously delved into gaming scores with the soundtrack to "Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP."
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@McP: I wasn't expecting it, but the Beck levels had the best music out of all the level tracks. The first worlds tracks are good as well. Deadmau5, which I thought I'd like the most got pretty annoying. Parts that I found difficult ending up having the most annoying droning noise to deal with.

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@danootz: I agree with you. I was delighted by the Beck album and would love to buy it if possible.

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