Connection Issues?

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Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the Sound Shapes servers? I try to connect on my PS3 and my Vita, but neither work. I can connect to PSN on both, so it's not an issue of that.

EDIT: I can connect now, but the cloud sync on my PS3 doesn't work.

#2 Posted by Redbullet685 (6222 posts) -

Same problem here. I can connect sometimes, and at other times I cannot. Its kinda bugging me.

Other than the server issues though, I'm really glad I bought Sound Shapes.

#3 Posted by ricochetguro (38 posts) -

I haven't been able to connect to the servers from the Vita since last night, bit annoying since I want to transfer my progress over with the cloud sync.

And likewise, definitely worth the purchase and I imagine this will be resolved soon.

#4 Posted by impartialgecko (1768 posts) -

Same issue. At least the problems suggest a lot of people bought the game, which totally deserves a purchase. I'm looking forward to playing some user levels and tinkering with the tools myself so hopefully a community is already forming around the game.

#5 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

Same here. I figured they might be getting the news server up and running but who knows.

#6 Posted by AutomaticOwl (59 posts) -

One of the Queasy devs has been posting updates on Reddit:

#7 Posted by fluxbit (145 posts) -

My sign-in success rate is 12%. I've given up trying.

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