Any good mods still kicking about?

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I used to play source mods all the time a few years ago. Are there any mods around that haven't all dwindled out and still have a strong playerbase? I'm kinda bored waiting for SSFIV to come out and need something free and fun to tide me over, thanks :)

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My friend and I have been messing around with Synergy. Which is a co-op mod for HL2, ep1, and ep2. It's pretty funny going through those with another person, or even more.

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@Darkstar614: Yeah I played Synergy for a bit some time ago but it ended up just people speedrunning the maps so you couldn't ever explore and mess about.
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#7 Posted by s7evn (1067 posts) - has a great selection of mods. Look there for something that might interest you. 
Black Mesa Source is going to be amazing whenever it's released.
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I have spent a disturbing amount of time in the revolutionary war multiplayer Mod for Half Life, Battlegrounds 2.
Maybe its just my love for Bayonets........

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You can still find a Neotokyo server that is full most of the time.  Good community and plenty of fun for free

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