Decent Half Life 2 Mods?

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Lately I've been trying out mods for older games and stuff but to be honestly I've been quite disapointed by the mod support for Half Life, maybe I've been looking in the wrong places but it seems like 90% of the mods for HL2 are class based multiplayer shooters that 2bh I could care less about (I already own TF2 thanks).  I was just wondering if you guys knew of any decent mods that I can actually download and play right now.

Here are the ones that I found pretty cool:

This is a nice short little mod that's based around a prison escape that happens just as Gordan and Alyx pass through Nova Prospect.  The quality isn't as high as Valve but it's not bad for those who just want more Half Life.

This is a fan made expansion for Portal with about 20 levels in.  They're a hell of a lot harder than those found in Portal with some levels relying on perfect execution rather than figuring things out.  Well worth a try at least

these are just levels taken from the flash version of portal ported straight into real Portal.  Some of them are pretty good but they're all pretty confusing

See? I havn't found many at all that are worth trying.  Please help
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Don't forget GoldenEye: Source!!!

Okay, so it's not necessarily a Half-Life 2 mod.  It's a TC...but it makes GoldenEye not suck!!!


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There are heaps of them, but those are a few multiplayer ones I enjoy.
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Neotokyo is the latest I like. For older stuff, I don't know what's still played but I've enjoyed things like Jailbreak, HL2 CTF, Empires, GoldenEye & Perfect Dark, Pirates Vikings and Knights II, Age of Chivalry, Fortress Forever, Dystopia, Insurgency, Resistance & Liberation, Eternal Silence, and others. For single player, Minerva and Curse Episodes. I can't bother getting links for anything I didn't already write about here. Search moddb...
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@jakob187: That's one of the most awkward shooting game I have ever seen.  I suppose that makes it quite accurate as a remake style mod
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That video doesn't do it justice, at least the beginning I watched. The feel is spot on, and having no crosshair is compensated by the tracers, it really doesn't take too long to get used to. It's great fun. I just hate knowing that half the players online probably stick a dot in the center of their monitor to compensate... I even saw people recommend that to others in Neotokyo so they can shoot without using the right click... Gawd :S

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@Al3xand3r: Opps I didn't realise there was a source mod forum.  I would have posted there if I'd known.  A lot of those mods do look pretty cool but a majority of them are multiplayer gmaes which don't really interest me that much.  Moddb makes me sad, there are so many cool mods that have died there and a lot of the ones marked as finished only have betas available which don't really count imo.

Curse looks like it could be pretty cool.  Gives me a lot of flashbacks to Serious Sam, think I'll download that right now.  Thanks man, exactly what I was looking for
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Insurgency and The Hidden

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As stated above, Neotoyko just came out and it's really awesome visually and has tactical gameplay.

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I am a programmer for a mod currently in development called Deadlock:

We haven't released a version to the public yet, but if anyone is interested follow us on twitter, check out our moddb page and say hi on the forums!

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@IncredibleBulk92 said:
"Curse looks like it could be pretty cool.  Gives me a lot of flashbacks to Serious Sam, think I'll download that right now.  Thanks man, exactly what I was looking for "
I'm sure you'll enjoy it, but it's nothing like Serious Sam. It's not about the combat, that's its weakest aspect, as I wrote in that thread. It's still awesome overall though. After you play it a while, maybe finish it once, run the little benchmark/demo it has in the main options screen. It shows how to clear the first level 100%, then you can attempt to do all the levels like that yourself. I went back to clear them all myself, it was good fun. But don't run that before playing, it will ruin some of the atmosphere... It's such a distinct, beautiful mod though.

Minerva's 3 (if I remember right) episodes are also worth playing, the developer works for Valve now. You probably knew of the mod already.

I'm just waiting for Black Mesa for more single player goodness...
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Just glancing at the title I read it as Descent: Half-Life 2 and my mind was blown.

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Have you played Natural Selection? You haven't? Oh, that's alright, it's only the best team-based FPS ever created. However, the sequel for HL2 has been in the works for over five years now, and it's approaching its release.

IGN has the previews.

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The sequel is stand alone using their own engine, it's not Source/Half-Life 2 related anymore. It's not a mod either. I loved Natural Selection.

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@Al3xand3r: I think that I have heard of Minerva before but maybe I forgot the name.  I remember seeing the mod's screenshots and hearing the developer got bought by Valve.  It looks like a very high quality mod to be fair.

Yea I looked at those videos you posted in that other thread and it seems pretty cool.  I was mostly refering to the look of Curse when I compared it to serious sam.  I agree.

I can't wait for Black Mesa.  Half Life was the first FPS I played that actually made any god damn sense
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@IncredibleBulk92: Played through Curse yet?
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@Al3xand3r: I haven't yet, I downloaded the module and installed it but I've actually decided to not play PC games for the next week.  I've just ordered a 9800 GTX and some faster RAM y'see.  They should really make Curse a little more enjoyable.

I'll message you when I'm done with it man.  Thanks for the recommendations.
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BLACK MESA SOURCE. when it comes out...


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