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Solid fan service and a great co-op game.


Lets Go Tower Defense Play! Seems to be an odd fit for the South Park license. I mean, really, Tower Defense? But the game's nostalgic nudges and sense of humor will immediately click with any South Park fan. The problem is the game suffers from issues with chaotic environments that will probably turn-off most solo players.

The game isn't bad by any sense of the word, that is if you have human players to co-op with. Lets Go Tower Defense Play! Is strictly built as a tower defense game for four players. Each player will control one of the shows four major characters in most levels (guess who those are), but if you're going solo you'll have to switch between these characters on the fly which becomes very difficult in later levels.

The gameplay is pretty standard for the genre. You build up defenses utilizing various towers to counter different foes from the series. Underpants Gnomes are weak against baseball turrets, Hippies are weak against lasers, old-people are weak against cherry bombs, and so on. The boys themselves also act as a mobile tower, throwing snowballs and utilizing special abilities. Not to mention towers can be built on the fly, so you can continuously upgrade your defenses mid-wave.

This gameplay style adds for terrific co-op. On the flip side, single-player can be more frustrating than fun on the normal difficulty setting. There's nothing wrong with setting the game on easy, and hey, doing so wont even affect achievements.
Fans of the series will enjoy this game for the references and nostalgia of the show. Players who are unfamiliar with South Park probably wont get much enjoyment from the game, however. Yes, the gameplay can hold its own in entertaining, but to get the full effect being a fan is a must! If you got some like-minded friends who know what crab people are and know what a chinpokomon is, then this $10 purchase is a no-brainer.

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