• Production
  • Matt Stone - Also: Voice of Kyle Broflovski/Kenny McCormick/Butters Stotch/Craig Tucker/Tweek Tweak/Jesus Christ/Michael/Terrance/Scott Malkinson/Bradley Biggle/Douglas/Jimbo Kern/Kevin Stoley/Mr. Adler/Pete Melman/Priest Maxi/Romper Stomper/Amber Hankey/Rancher Bill/Big Gay Al/Underpants Gnomes/Jake/Ticket Taker/Lead Meth Tweaker/Elves/Government Agents/Hall Monitors/Hobos/Visitors/Mongolians/Canadians/Mounties
  • Trey Parker - Also: Voice of Eric Cartman/Stan Marsh/Jimmy Valmer/Clyde Donovan/Randy Marsh/Big Bad Government Guy/Mr. Hankey/Tuong Lu Kim/Pete/Mr. Mackey/Phillip/Timmy Burch/Al Gore/Bill Allen/Chris Donnely/Damien Thorn/DogPoo Petuski/Dougie/Fosse McDonald/Francis/Jason/Mr. Garrison/Ned Gerblansky/Richard Tweak/Sgt. Harrison Yates/Skeeter/Stephen Stotch/Autumn Hankey/Simon Hankey/Cornwallis Hankey/Prince of Canada/Princess of Canada/Earl of Winnipeg/Bishop of Banff/Duke of Vancouver/Minister of Montreal/Frog King/Sparrow Prince/Catatafish/Roger Donovan/Thomas Tucker/Dr. Poonlover/Morgan Freeman/Beary/Santa Claus/Midget in a Bikini/Polly Prissypants/Crab Person/New Kid/Jake/Gary Nelson/Bartender/6th Grade Leader/Hall Monitor Boss/Tom Cruise/Dr. Tom/Security Guard/Bank Teller/Photographer/Pedophile/Homeless Merchant/Alien Conspiriacy Hobo/Second Meth Tweaker/Elves/Underpants Gnomes/Government Agents/Hall Monitors/Hobos/Visitors/Mongolians/Canadians/Mounties
  • Audio
  • Justin Bell - Audio Lead
  • Voice Actor
  • Adrien Beard - Token Black/Squirrely
  • April Stewart - Wendy Testaburger/Annie Knitts/Shelly Marsh/Liane Cartman/Monica Ryland/Allie Nelson/Carol McCormick/Esther/Jessie/Jessie Rodriguez/Kelly Gardner/Kelly Rutherford/Nelly/Principal Victoria/Sharon Marsh/Mrs. Tweak/Flora/Jenny/Sally/Fran/Snuke/Bullies/Female Meth Tweaker
  • Chris Brion - Additional Voices
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Mom/Karen McCormick
  • Eric Stough - Additional Voices
  • Jennifer Howell - Bebe Stevens
  • Jessica Makinson - Heidi Turner
  • John Hansen - Mr. Slave
  • Mona Marshall - Henrietta Biggle/Red/Linda Stotch/Lola/Millie/Sheila Broflovski/Mrs. Biggle
  • Robert Amstler - Additional Voices
  • Stanley G. Sawicki - Dad
  • Tian Wang - Mongolian Kids
  • True List - Firkle/Ike Broflovski/Filmore Anderson/Billy/Quaid
  • Quality Assurance
  • Laurent Bertrand
  • Unclassified
  • Alfredo Barraza
  • Chris Avellone
  • Doug Panter

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