13 minute gameplay video showing the tutorial:

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Ok here is a 13 minute combat tutorial video which basically shows you the begining of the game and the tutorial. And man this game looks fantastic and I am not even a South Park fan XD

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You can see a lot of stuff like classes, the inventory and combat screen as well as some interactions which of course should not be watched by people who easily get offended. Overall this looks like a very very promising RPG made by the great people of Obsidian. At first I thought this combination is totally strange and I did not know what to expect but man everything fits so well. The jokes, the setting, the combat and the atmosphere. One of the first big Highlights of this year and it is a turn based RPG XD

So who else is excited?^^

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No seriously, lookin good. Daddy likes what he sees.

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Just watched this over on Gametrailers and this looks awesome. It really looks like the extra time put into this game has paid off, and this will be a must buy!!

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This game is looking fantastic. I love the decision to base combat around Super Mario RPG-esque timed attacks. Really looking forward to playing this.

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Yeah this looks pretty damn great!

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I watched this earlier and really loved what I saw. I'm eager to get my hands on this game.

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This looks way better than expected, but my days as a South Park fan are maybe a little too far away for me to want to play this game.....


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It actually seems funny and the combat ses fine for the beginning of the game. I'm looking forward to it

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I'm gonna speculate wildly based on this clip, just know that if it ends up being that Clyde took the Stick and is final boss, I totally called it.

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Looks great. Only thing now is to wait and see if it holds up when playing it.

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