A question about the endgame (contains heavy spoilers)

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So... After I finished the final battle with Kenny, I get a cut scene with Cartman, Kyle and Stan and the new kid, role credits, and when I woke up like a new day in bed, it said as a mission "Confront Kenny", but when I go to the Quests menu, I do not see a mission or a side mission like that, went to Kenny's house, he wasn't there... Does anyone know what I should do to initiate that mission\side mission?


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@verkk: Ohh never mind, I am way too tired to realize what my mistake was on that...

After finishing the game, it checked out on the left side that I "confronted kenny" as the final objective in the last mission...

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there isnt really end game. it just allows you to purchase the last of the outfits and weapons for the 2 achievements. collect pokomon and what not. finish any side missions you did not complete other than that there is not anything else to do.

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@ihawtbox: Yeah, I corrected myself, it just updated my finished last mission really late, so I was baffled by that.

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