Delayed to long?

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Really hoping they port this game to the new consoles, I have been looking forward to this game for sooo long and now thanks to a delay of over a year the new consoles are out.... and I have no intention of spending money on my last gen console.


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If it's taking them this long to get this out, I doubt they'll be able to also get it working on the new stuff as well by spring.

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It will probably come to new console, I mean its ubisoft

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I wanted to know how that game looked like when THQ published it a year a go, half a story and broken game play is my guess. But yeah i am still super excited for this game now that they have gone game of thrones in there cartoon.

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I wanted to make a joke about how they started development after South Park was already irrelevant. But, I've actually watched a couple recent episodes and that show still seems on point, more or less. It wouldn't surprise me if the last delay was to give them some time to get it up and running on this new hardware. My guess is that we'll see it on both.

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I know there is a PC version coming out, so porting that over to the new consoles should not be much of an issue. You might have to wait though because there is no announcement yet, and the game was delayed because UbiSoft said that the current version was not up to their quality standards. If they have to delay the game to make sure it isn't shit, then I am guessing they do not have the manpower to port the game over to different platforms.

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Given Obsidian's track record with publishers, it wouldn't have surprised me if the game was absurdly buggy when THQ said they were going to put it out.

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I don't know, man. I'm fine with it being released in Long. Not enough games come out then.

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If it's good than what ever. Doubt it will be put onto next gen.

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The video they showed when they announced the release date looked terrible, there is no way Obsidian spent that long to make what was shown, I'm thinking Ubisoft is messing with this game hard, have they ever even done an RPG game before?

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@arbitrarywater said:

Given Obsidian's track record with publishers, it wouldn't have surprised me if the game was absurdly buggy when THQ said they were going to put it out.

Yeah, that pretty much checks out.

As much as it kinda sucks this game won't be coming out on next gen platforms, it probably won't really harm the consoles at all because even by whenever-the-fuck-this-game-comes-out, we'll still be in "early adopter" territory, where tons of people haven't bothered to get the new systems yet.

Though yes, they're losing a small number of people who are adamant that they put away their 360/PS3 and will only play console games on Xbox One/PS4. Ideally, this game should've come out this year in like August or September or something. Hell, even October.

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getting it on PC


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I think it's silly to be unwilling to play a game because it isn't coming out on the newest hardware. Unless you sold the old console to pay for the new one or something, you lose nothing by playing the game on the older machine. Particularly in this case where it's not like the game would even be any better on the newer consoles, due to not being graphically intensive. Even if you put your 360/PS3 away, it can't be that big a hassle to bring it out and hook it up. Even with my horrible rat's nest of cables and shelving units in the way of the power strips, that's a task that'd take just a few minutes.

Tangent: similar to this, I've never understood on the Bombcast when the guys were like "Yup I put my old consoles away, I'm done with them." That is crazy to me. There is going to be a period of time where games come out for older machines but not the newer ones - we saw it last generation, we'll see it this time (and that's not even getting into how there are lots of already-released games on those consoles which are still great and should be played). It is far too early to talk about retiring the last-gen consoles in favor of the current ones.

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I don't really care that it's not coming to a new console. Almost every game I'm interested in that's not out yet are only coming to PS3 or 360, so yeah. Seems like it's gonna be a while before the PS4 and Xbox One really become " the " consoles......Also, I plan on getting this on PC anyway (if I even do).

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I think it's just landing at a difficult time, the game is honestly releasing at a good time, not much competition. Plus the userbase is just at that sweet spot where people are looking for games to play to kinda close out the previous generation.

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As the PC's I have now are the same PC's I had 6 months ago...

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About twelve years too long, yeah.

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