Do you think this will be any good, and will you buy it?

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#51 Posted by Svenzon (818 posts) -

I don't know. South Park really doesn't do it for me anymore. I like Obsidian and all, but if Dungeon Siege 3 is any indication their games are only interesting when Chris Avellone handles the writing. I'll wait for reviews, the inevitable quick look and stuff before I decide.

#52 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2037 posts) -

It may be a fantastic game. I don't want to play it, though.

#53 Posted by VoshiNova (1979 posts) -

@Animasta said:

@AlexW00d said:

@VoodooTatum said:

@AlexW00d said:

No, even 12 year old me didn't find South Park anything other than immature and bad.

Who invited the buzz kill?

The thread title?

I'm with you, south park sucks.

I'm really bummed because Obsidian went from AP and F:NV (both fantastic games) to making a bunch of games I couldn't care about/actively dislike :(

this. South park is not good.

#54 Posted by fugie7 (1131 posts) -

The trailer looks really awesome. I want to play the demo first before i decide to get the game.

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