How 2 Get Past First Gate in School w/ Buddy Companion tool?

#1 Posted by logan3 (42 posts) -

(PC Version) I'm at the first gate where it tells me that, "Bypassing some obstacles requires help from your companions. Tap Q until the Buddy Command tool is selected." I tap Q and scroll to the Buddy Command tool on the lower-left, but after that nothing happens. It doesn't highlight the tool, highlight the mob, work with either companion, or tell me what do to after I've selected the command. All the other doors in the school appear locked, so I'm guessing I have to get around this somehow. It might be bugged for me, I'm not sure.

#2 Posted by XCEagle (127 posts) -

Make sure you have Kenny as your buddy and not Butters, then you hit F just like you're firing an arrow and select the kid. Took me awhile to figure that out too.

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Thank-you, it worked. Also I had to be in the right spot to target with F.

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