Just got done watching the Black Friday 3 part show.

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And I am now super stoked to play this game. Ive always been big fans of the writing that the two do (seeing book of Mormon next month can not wait), but had my doubts about the humor they could being to the game. But man, if they can keep just a fraction of the writing they had in the 3 part, its going to be the funniest game in a long ass time. I'm sorta getting tired of the super serious tone games have been having as of late. Even bloody indi games are at that point.

So having a major game with talented writers at the helm that are specialist at humor...damn. A month can't pass any faster.

.....and I laughed out loud at the end with cartman doing his speech and then holding up a stick. I knew just where that was going. My girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy.

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Yeah I had the same reaction when I watched the end of that season last week, So excited for this game. Alex said in his review that it's one of the funniest games he's ever played. That's good enough for me.

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