Need super cereal help for a super cereal boss

#1 Posted by Double0hFor (416 posts) -

Is there some sort of strategy to stop Al Gore? I'm playing as a thief and I've tried to slow him and his buddies via ice, tried grossing them out, nothing. I have Butters, Kenny, Stan and J-J-Jimmy as buddies. This fight is just way too hard considering it's still close to the beginning of the game.

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I finished the game and had difficult times against him before finishing the game, still haven't killed him. The only way I did a lot of damage is

Cartman Curse and the right side Fire attack, New Kid big stomp, Butters Professor Chaos and Kyles Arrow attack, but I mismanage my health with the new kid and die =\

Will try again now... Since I got some decent stuff from the last section of the game.

#3 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

This is where I stopped but I am about to fire it back up and deal with it. It seems like nothing hurt those SS goons, all my damage was 1 so I used Kenny's Unicorn power and still got wiped out as those gun shots are hard to block for me. It's a serious shock as everything else has been easy.

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I didn't have TOO hard of a time with him as a Jew (yep, still awkward). I just bombarded the group with plagues and used healing liberally, and let the status effects do the work. I don't know how the other classes work, so I'm not sure if that's helpful in the least.

#5 Posted by chainreaction01 (193 posts) -

Can't say I know how to as a rouge but as a Mage I focused on burning through their armor so that I could actually hit them for damage. I also lucked out and Butters must have recently hit his special ability which stunned everyone giving some much needed breathing room. Also, like ShaggE said, be sure to pop those healing items liberally. Being able to use those and attack is what made this fight possible.

#6 Posted by datwilliamhill (5 posts) -

As a thief I mugged the two secret serviceman that had guns so they were stunned for a few turns and killed them off, after that is was fairly easy. I almost completely ignored Al Gore because he didn't do much damage to me. I was around lvl10 and was using Butters as my buddy.

#7 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

I am a fighter, as I fighter I did the following:

  • equip the broken bottle
  • equip the 20 frozen points patch
  • equip patches that cause grossed out
  • use speed potions as much as you can
  • use only the broken bottle as your character, use it until you have x5 bleeding
  • use sidekick's abilities
  • change sidekicks after depleting their PP and use abilities
  • the SS men will be severely wounded by the bleeding and cold
  • when the SS men are gone you are home free but keep using the bottle if needed

That's what I did.

#8 Posted by XCEagle (128 posts) -

I was a thief when I did it. Mug and Backstab are your best friends. I mugged a couple Secret Service, took down Gore first with bleeding and gross out and then eliminated the Secret Service fairly easily. Also having the full health revival perk was incredibly helpful.

#9 Posted by DaleKaleD (12 posts) -

@xceagle said:

I was a thief when I did it. Mug and Backstab are your best friends. I mugged a couple Secret Service, took down Gore first with bleeding and gross out and then eliminated the Secret Service fairly easily. Also having the full health revival perk was incredibly helpful.

I will second this. Stacked backstabs on Gore were good at knocking him out, then it was a work to get the Secret Service out.

#10 Posted by Demoskinos (16527 posts) -

I mostly don't find South Park funny anymore but the one thing that does crack me up is that Jew is a character class. I'll never stop laughing at that.

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UPDATE: I was able to do it, a little later in the game from the point in which I posted this. I used throwing weapons that caused bleeding and hit multiple targets with added fire then a melee weapon that also caused bleeding with added frost and gross out. Also had Kyle as my buddy

#12 Posted by kishinfoulux (2884 posts) -

Status ailments in this game are king. You can usually just win via attrition. Just inflict bleeding, burning, vomiting, etc. and stack that shit.

Then again I was playing as a Jew so that probably helped. >_>

#13 Edited by Sterling (3481 posts) -

I love that Gross is a status ailment. Making people vomit after every turn will never get old.

Also after you beat this super cereal boss, what happens next is hilarious. (not the locked room, while also funny, but finding MBP) Excelsior!

#14 Posted by icecreamcohn (41 posts) -

I didnt find it to hard as a Jew. Add cold dmg to your ranged weapon. Use Butters Ultimate and hope for Stun or Shield.

#15 Posted by indieslaw (483 posts) -

How early can you do this one? I didn't have any trouble on the 2nd day.

#17 Edited by mickelboy182 (23 posts) -

Wow at all of you doing it the hard way... Just use Nagasaki and it's a cakewalk.

#18 Edited by Hayt (612 posts) -

I did this only fairly early also as a Thief with only Butters/Kenny. I spammed speed potions and had my buddy use power potions and just spammed backstab and throwing eggs to cancel his regen and kill him early then I just played it safe slowly killing the secret service guys

#19 Posted by John1912 (2189 posts) -

Bleed, fire dam, and gross out dam over time were what I used.

#20 Posted by DonMFJohnson (169 posts) -

Jimmy has an useful special ability for this fight, use his magical songs of songs of enchan-me-me...enchantment.

#21 Edited by crusader8463 (14756 posts) -

That fight was a bitch. Was the only time in the game I died and it took me like 20 times. I kept using Jimmy to sleep the servicemen, and kept popping coffee to get two turns in a row and focused on one guy until I cleared them. One slip up though and it's all over. Those guys hit like a transport truck. Jimmies buff/debuff helps too.

Also, by the time you are done you will be so fucking sick of jimmies stutter magic that you will never want to use him again because it takes so fucking long.

#22 Posted by guanophobic (436 posts) -

@donmfjohnson: Fucking hell, I thought my game had crashed when i couldn't skip the stuttering at the farm.

#23 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1285 posts) -

I used status effects and got the timing down for all their attacks.

#24 Posted by cubepunk (24 posts) -

As a thief, I took him out not long after the Alien section. I had bought a longsword from Jimbo that hit two people in a row, so that helped a lot. Was able to hit through the middle dude to hit Gore behind him. Butters' Professor Chaos attack helped to take a chunk of health off them at a time, plus using a patch that would add bleed effects on perfect hits.

Took him down second try!

#25 Posted by UberExplodey (980 posts) -

As a fighter I used the roshambo (stun/gross out) and bull charge (debuff armor) abilities. Jimmy's buffs/enemy debuff song is super helpful, though got kind of tired of mashing through it every time.

#26 Posted by OleMarthin (335 posts) -

I got him stacking bleeding, fire and frost. Then focusing on saying alive, used butters and stand. I was level 8-10 I think

#27 Posted by Yesiamaduck (1497 posts) -

Kennys Furry Friends REKS Al Gore's SS team.

#28 Posted by Nodima (1557 posts) -

Damn this thread is further proof Mage is just OP as hell. I died twice on this fight and the only reason was because I didn't realize I could rebuff his regen that pops automatically when his health is low and heals for more damage than you can do in a single turn.

My strategy was simple:

NEWKID: set columns on fire and burn armor away with Dragon's Breath, then alternate between the electric attack that hits all enemies and more Dragon's Breath to replenish my PP to full

KENNY: either charm, use potions or use power potions depending on need fir first move then use Furry Friends for second move inflicting bleeding and massive damage to all enemies.

Like I said, once I realized I could debuff his regen with the mage's fire extinguisher the fight was over in 2 minutes.

#29 Posted by Sergio (2765 posts) -

I think I had the batarang by then equipped with a fire strap on. I basically kept everyone grossed out, bleeding, and on fire, while drinking some coffee when available. I had backstab bonuses when bleeding.


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