SPOILERS: Need help with Al Gore...

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Hi everyone.

I recently completed the MBP quest, after which I befriend Al Gore on facebook, and get to regret it as he flows my home page with spam messages. If you try to unfriend him, he accuses you of being the MBP itself and starts to fight you.

Even when I am at the level cap and equipped with the best of Jimbo's weapons, I tried lots of times and I can't beat him... He summons three secret service agents, and even when perfectly blocking most of the attacks, the amount of debuffs and status that they inflict and the high armor of all of them makes it the harder fight I have seen in the game. I barely last three or four turns and, at most, I can beat 2 out of the 3 agents, by making them burn or bleed to death.

Is there some strategy for this fight? How did you beat them?

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Bull Rush to cut down their armor. Potions to get rid of the debuffs. Speed potion for double attacks. Butters for his special hammer attack that works well on armored mobs.

If you're not using potions during that fight, you're probably not going to win.

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I think being at the level cap is your issue here actually. I took on this bossfight pretty close to the levelcap myself compared to my friend who took on it early which made it much much easier for her, while I had to rely on Butter's Chaos Cloak ability on his Dr Chaos wheel to actually survive and deal damage.

Try Butter's chaos cloak to give you surviveability and then stack as many damaging debuffs you can, bleeding. gross out, fire. All of it.

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I kept losing too, I just went and did some other stuff and got some better gear. I used the battarang with extra bleed damage and the staff of major boobage with stan as my companion. Worked out pretty well. That's definitely the hardest battle I've been in.

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Al Gore sucks dick, simple as - but try Broken Bottle or the Batdadarang with a fire patch, and have Butters for backup due to the damage he does on a few of his attacks as well as his Healing Touch. I was using a combo of Broken Bottle and Rod of Waste, if I recall correctly. Gross Out is OP as hell alongside Bleeding and Fire. Basically, anything that will quickly dispatch the secret service is your best friend, and make sure to try a combination of either high armour and thorns or health regen patches and attack buffs.

You'll get it eventually!

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We all need help with Al Gore.

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I like using Butters when I fight him. When you first fight him have both your characters use the speed up potion so you can attack him four times in the row. Use your most powerful attacks. Once he calls in the secret service if you have lots of PP I suggest your character using a speed up potion again and doing an area attack, then have Butters use a strength potion and using Professor chaos. Then just take PP potions and keep using area of attack spells.

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The key to most difficult fights in this game (including this one) is freeze which causes them to lose several turns.

I always used the gas bombs with a freeze mod on it. Even though it doesnt really do damage it debuffs everything with freeze (and sometimes gross out- in this fight the gross out does work). The gross out will cause damage constantly ( a pretty decent amount) and the freeze will let you attack more often. The gas bombs specifically because you can throw them 6 times so you have more odds of hitting everybody.

I also recommend using a very high damage weapon (I used the lords of the underworld axe with a fire mod once I got it all the way to the end of the game because it heals on perfect hit and does a substantial amount of damage). This has the effect of also adding a substantial fire hit every round on top of the gross out damage. If you have the perks which raise gross and fire damages then every time they take the DoT they'll be hit for a couple thousand (usually after their attack).

After that it's just a matter of doing a lot of damage and minimizing your own debuffs and HP loss. Kyle is good because he removes certain debuffs when you use his buff (which you can do every turn) and he does a ton of damage with summon elemental. Interestingly this attack doesn't cost a lot of PP so you can do it more often than you'd think. It's the most OP attack in the game honestly. It's kind of weird they didn't balance it but just take advantage of that.

Stan is also good because he can lower defense every turn and does decent AoE damage.

I didn't find this fight that hard, but I fought him at like lvl 12 or something. Mainly it's just key to keep them frozen, grossed out, and burning and do a lot of damage when you attack. It can be a cake walk.

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Quoting from my other post on this topic;

Damn this thread is further proof Mage is just OP as hell. I died twice on this fight and the only reason was because I didn't realize I could rebuff his regen that pops automatically when his health is low and heals for more damage than you can do in a single turn.

My strategy was simple:

NEWKID: set columns on fire and burn armor away with Dragon's Breath, then alternate between the electric attack that hits all enemies and more Dragon's Breath to replenish my PP to full

KENNY: either charm, use potions or use power potions depending on need fir first move then use Furry Friends for second move inflicting bleeding and massive damage to all enemies.

Like I said, once I realized I could debuff his regen with the mage's fire extinguisher the fight was over in 2 minutes.

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I took Jimmy. I'm a thief so I was able to use Mug to stunlock one of the SS guys while dealing damage to him and Sleep to keep the other SS guys out of it, meaning Al Gore was the only guy attacking me each turn. It was really easy at level 13. I don't know what class you are, but between Sleep and Powerchord Jimmy is the best buddy IMO.

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The easiest way I got around him was using Jimmy (the bard) and just keep putting opponents to sleep. Worked like a champ! You can take out everyone easily by yourself and Jimmy just keeps all opponents asleep the whole fight.

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Not sure what class you are, but if you're a thief just back stab him over and over and over. Use Butter's chaos cloak to protect against the secret service. If you're a Warrior use roshambo repeatedly to stun and gross out him and his party. Mage or Jew I can't help you. never played those.

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@starvinggamer said:

I took Jimmy. I'm a thief so I was able to use Mug to stunlock one of the SS guys while dealing damage to him and Sleep to keep the other SS guys out of it, meaning Al Gore was the only guy attacking me each turn. It was really easy at level 13. I don't know what class you are, but between Sleep and Powerchord Jimmy is the best buddy IMO.

This strat, but as a fighter. I used Jimmy's sleep ability every single round and alternated between double attacks, debuffs, health/pp with douchebag to Jimmy/Al Gore repectively. I did it at lvl 13 and it was only on like my 5th attempt I finally got him. A stupidly overhard fight compared to the rest of the game. I didn't hate Al Gore before this fight, now I do.

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It's just a straight up hard fight. Go loud.

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Don't interact with him until you able to buy the Katana, when you buy the Katana it's a cakewalk on dessert island.

Edit: Damn you Mortal Kombat!!! Spelling Kitana instead of Katana.

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I'm glad it wasn't just me who had trouble with this fight! Having beaten the game, I think it's probably the hardest fight I encountered. I started wondering if this was on purpose, so you who spend the whole game being Facebook spammed by him (since the first part of his quest line is straightforward). I went back and attempted that fight at like 3 different points during the game; I'd level up and get new equipment and then be all gung-ho about finally winning (but then lose anyways XD).

I took Jimmy. I'm a thief so I was able to use Mug to stunlock one of the SS guys while dealing damage to him and Sleep to keep the other SS guys out of it, meaning Al Gore was the only guy attacking me each turn. It was really easy at level 13. I don't know what class you are, but between Sleep and Powerchord Jimmy is the best buddy IMO.

This eventually ended up being my strategy too, it took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to do though. And use items every turn! The coffee that lets you do two actions is great.

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I had huge problems my first playthrough, but what I ended up doing was just using speed potion for two turns and then burning away at them like crazy. Same strat second time, but this time I knew what and when to block and I was smarter about my potion timings from the start. Have not played the game as any other class sadly, but I've heard some people swear by the thief mug/backstab things or something...

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Broken bottle with a fire patch kinda destroys everything in the game. And, as mentioned, make sure to remove debuffs(especially "screwed"), and to remove buffs off of the enemies.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one having problems. I'm playing as a Jew (about lvl 7) and only have Kenny and Butters, and have yet to last 3 or 4 rounds against AG and his SS .

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I'm not finished with the game yet but Al Gore, for me, was by far the hardest fight in the game. I was a Fighter so, like most boss fights, Bull Rush is essential. I don't know what class you are but use any ability you can that cuts down armor. Also, make sure you have plenty of Cure Potions because if the Secret Service dudes don't kill you, the debuffs will.

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I got him on my second try with a level 8 jew. Would have beat him in my first try but didnt realize some of the bullets the agents shoot could be blocked

I used speed potions every turn with both characters (probably the best potion in the whole game) and i used my bar darts with a gross out mod to get him bleeding quickly. By time he brought the agents he was half way dead. Then i used bar darts some more to make them bleed as well. All the while im using professor choas with butters every chance i got.

Surely its the way im specced and what have you but that fight was cake consider all the horror stories i heard before going into it

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