stuck on then randy march tutorial...

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This is stupid and i really home its not just me being retarded. Btw spoilers.

Im in the toilet and Randy is teaching me the next magic trick, but the fucking tutorial is so insanely vague that i just cant complete it. Ive tried both with xbox controller and keyboard, can someone with explain to me with normal words what im suppose to do? I hold down the stick, and then what? Whatever i do the fart just goes the same direction and ends up in the back, and fails me. I'm having so much fun with this game, but the this is fucking stupid. First time a tutorial has blocked my progress in the game.

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And of couse right after post i figure it out. Apparently your not suppose to control it or do anything like Randy, just hold the left stick to the left... Maybe i am retarded :).

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You can control it freely as it demonstrates outside of combat.

That tutorial is pretty deceptive in it's phrasing, though. I got stuck there for a little bit due to the same thing.

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Thankfully, the sneaky squeaker is only needed once or twice (and even then it might be optional).

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I was stuck on this same tutorial, but eventually got it. I guess the ways of farting don't come naturally to me.

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fyi his last name is Marsh not March

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If you think about it could almost be a joke that some of the tutorials are way harder to execute on than moves are in the actual gameplay.

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