When do you actually think we will see South Park SoT?

#1 Posted by LoZ825 (9 posts) -

So I'm supper pumped for this game, but with the Ubisoft picking up the title, and now with no real launch window, when do you think it will actually be in my home?

The next season starts in 3 months I believe, and if you have seen their documentary, Matt and Trey do everything last minute. I hope it is out this holiday season, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get delayed due to the show. I could see it coming for March 2014, a year after their original projected release month.

#2 Posted by Sterling (3481 posts) -

Amazon sent out emails, and updated the release date this weekend to November 19, 2013.

#3 Posted by TheRealMoot (531 posts) -

A week or two before Christmas. That's my bet.

Gotta get those Christmas impulse games! (Even though it actually looks / sounds cool)

#4 Posted by LoZ825 (9 posts) -

Man I hope so!

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