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A mediocre jRPG grafted onto a below average episode of South Park 1

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a mediocre jRPG grafted onto a below average episode of South Park. It is above average as licensed products go, but that is a pretty low bar to hurdle. The game benefits from being associated with South Park, and it is a perfect example of how something can be worth more than the sum of its parts. Long time fans of the show should be satisfied for at least a while from this experience, which, for better or for worse, doesn’t last very long. At the end of ...

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Just Like the Show, but Fan Service at it's Worst 2

So first off, props for making this game look and sound exactly like the show. It's very impressive and should not be overlooked.And the RPG combat and systems in their basic form all work well and are pretty fun as you progress. The abilities weren't all that useful and I found some attacks too powerful and unbalanced (for the player and enemies) but mostly that all works well. Only one party member though, I found to be a failing, as an RPG and as a vehicle to try to spend as much time with th...

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Wizards. Aliens. ManBearPig. 0

Obsidian made me respect their authoritah. They managed to put together a TV show into a fun and fully functional video game. I guess it helps when the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, actually help write the script and provide voice acting for their characters. What really makes this game so enjoyable is it's deception. It forces you to forget you're playing a video game instead of just watching a really long episode of South Park.South Park: The Stick of Truth is a JRPG invo...

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The Funniest Video Game Ever 0

It is a slight miracle that South Park: The Stick of Truth has even got released. This game’s turbulent history has been well publicized over the years from THQ’s collapse and switching publishers to it’s numerous delays. You would be forgiven in fearing the worst for this title. After playing the game for 30 minutes those fears soon evaporate and you quickly realize you are playing something special here. South Park: The Stick of Truth is not only one of the best licensed game...

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To Be A Kid Again 0

Many Battles Will RageThere have been many South Park games in the past; the one that everyone remembers was the first South Park game for the Nintendo 64. Other games in the series include a Chef Quiz game and a tower defense game. None of these games can reach what South Park: The Stick of Truth has done. South Park has been around for nearly 18 years and it took that long to create a great game based on the show. It would be easy to take the most action packed and popular episodes and create ...

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One of the Best Licensed Games Ever Made 0

Bring up South Park to people, and you’ll get a pretty mixed response. On the one hand, it’s one of the most irreverent, disgusting, most insulting TV shows ever to disgrace the small screen. On the other hand—which is the side I’m on—it’s a wonderfully written satire that refuses to pull punches or take sides on modern issues, instead allowing people to see just how ridiculous their actions are, and in doing so allows us to be better for it. And this is in sp...

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Best South Park game yet! Not that THAT says much, but really! It's great! 0

The RadCaptures the look of the show perfectly.Easy to grasp combat mechanics.Hilarity! If you like South Park.The BadA fair bit shorter than your average RPG.Censorship is a little bit of a bummer.I couldn’t give you a concise reason as to why, but in general I’m not that big on JRPGs. So when it turned out they were turning South Park into one I was weary. But coming out of it now I gotta say this is probably the best JRPG I’ve played in probably over a decade. To be fair I ...

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South Park: The Stick of Truth review. 0

Hey do you like jokes about balls, poo or maybe you're in it for the fart jokes? If you do then there's a damn fine chance your a fan of South Park, if so then you're in for one hell of a treat because finally South Park gets the video game it deserves (took a while didn't it) because South Park The Stick of Truth is the best South Park game to grace the video game form. Though, let's be honest folks that's not saying a whole lot when compared to the South Park games we've been treated to in the...

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review 0

I really like South Park. I began watching the show in the early 2000s and have loved the characters and their brazen, twisted sense of humor ever since. I also have a deep admiration for RPGs; exploring vast new worlds and building my character over hours and hours has captivated me for years. Yet when I heard that Obsidian Entertainment was developing an RPG based on the long-running franchise, I was quite skeptical. Perhaps it was that the South Park name hasn't brought forth many good games ...

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A masterclass of ass-based humour. 0

South Park is an undeniable entertainment juggernaut. With nearly 20 years of air time, five Primetime Emmy Awards and highly successful jaunts into the entrainment worlds of film, sound and stage, it seems as though there is no medium that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone cannot conquer. Yet despite all these accolades, there has never been a truly great video game that captured the tone, humour and crass nature of the original series. South Park: The Stick of Truth can finally lay that titl...

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The most faithful licensed game I've ever played 0

If you liked/like South Park this is worth playing, it really is just like playing an episode of the tv show.The comedy/South Park flavor is good, a lot of it taken straight from the show.The RPG parts are a bit light for my tastes, very easy, and stats/leveling up/equipment didn't seem to matter very much.Combat was very uneven, it felt hard at the start, but once you get the hang of it, it's very easy, not very strategic.This game has a lot more in common with Costume Quest than Dragon AgeI en...

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Obsidian pizza'd instead of french fry'd (and that's a good thing) 0

The biggest joke in any South Park game released before 2014 may be the integrity of the game itself. From the Turok with turkeys first-person shooter debut to the recent platformer abomination, past South Park developers made the mistake of believing fans want to play an uninspired genre entry featuring show characters and references. With the show creators at the helm, The Stick of Truth approaches monitors and TVs with an unlikely confidence for a licensed game, one that doesn't live or die b...

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Imagine if an episode of South Park was 10 hours long 0

Well, that's pretty much what this game is. I was really surprised to find that this a mechanically solid game, which has a fantasy setting whilst effectiveyl being a giant piece of fan service for those familiar with South Park. A word of warning - if you are not familiar with South Park, you may find some of the humour in this somewhat challenging. This is not a game for the faint of heart - particularly a certain scene which involves been shrunk by the underpants gnomes........

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PS3 Stick of Truth bug 0

This is regarding possible bugs: In the "open the middle lobby doors," (at the school,) when you are retrieving the stick of truth for Catrtman section of the game I cannot open the "middle lobby doors." It is very obvious what you are supposed to do...(Cup-A-Spell.) I have watched this work in Y*% T*%$ videos and have tried this from every angle possible, but nothing happens. WTF??? Since the game let me enter this area and wont let me leave it I would assume that I have (or could get) whatever...

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One of the best Comedic RPGs of this Decade 0

This game truly connects with the show series. I find it amusing, humorous, extremely provocative, and well detailed. There is much to do for the average gamer who plays it in small amounts each day (keeps the player glued to the TV) For those gamers who constantly play the game for 72 hrs straight are what Cartman calls : Dorks, and require new packs to come out every six months. Both sides are considerably in favor, and I will definitely, agree with that. I only hope this is just the star...

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I TOLD you ManBearPig was a threat! 0

South Park has built a strong reputation for being crass, immature, and generally hilarious as well as a surprisingly intelligent parody of popular culture. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have used their brand of over-the-top and often-offensive comedy to poke fun at just about everything. No religion, race, or belief is safe when it comes to South Park, and at one time, the idea of a videogame pushing the limits to the same degree as the show seemed to be a pipe dream. Thankfully, with the help of...

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South Park Stick of Truth 0

If you ever saw a South Park episode you will know how this game is. It uses many reference from the cartoon, although the story is original. Two kingdoms, fighting for the Stick of Truth, humans and elves. I didn't like that the player can't choose the character's gender, besides that there ar many options. Plus you can choose class and name, but name doesn't really matter since Cartman will call you Douchebag anyway.The combat is turn based, and can use ranged, melee, or special ability plus ...

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Insert Your Funny South Park Reference Here 0

The first thing I did in South Park: The Stick of Truth was create a character and watch a small cutscene. The second thing I did was walk into a bathroom and mash the “A” button to take a shit on the toilet, then I grabbed the “turd” and put it into my inventory. In many ways this was a perfect introduction to the often crude,funny and surprisingly deep South Park: The Stick of Truth.Developed by Obsidian, Stick of Truth is the South Park game fans have wanted for a long...

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