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Space Quest 2 picks up after the adventures of Space Quest 1. Having saved Xenon from the Sariens, Roger became a hero and received the coveted golden mop award. Now, after some time has passed, people have moved on and the once beloved hero has been forgotten. However, as a reward for his heroism, Roger was made the head janitor of the Orbital Station 4, made a little less sweet by the fact that he is the only member of the janitorial staff.
One day while doing his duties he is called to clean a newly arrived transport ship that someone vomited in. After stepping into the vehicle, our hero is abducted and whisked off to a strange space station. Turns out Sludge Vohaul, the commander of the Sariens, is a little cheesed with Roger's past exploits and seeks revenge. So he sentences Roger to a lifetime of working in his Labion Labor Mines while Sludge plans on releasing his new plan for world domination against Xenon. The release of millions of door to door salesmen!
While our hero is being taken to his grim new fate, the transport he's on runs out of gas. Fortunately Roger lands on one of his captors, cushioning his fall. Roger is then forced to find his way off Labion and stop the nefarious Sludge from his evil plans. Roger faces many perils, overcomes death many times, and finally makes his way onto Sludge's space station. After some more perils and death defying, he manages to overcome Sludge and destroy the station.
Roger manages to escape the exploding station just in time in an escape pod. Unfortunately, Roger picks one with limited fuel and finds himself soon adrift in space. With no other recourse, he puts himself into cryogenic hibernation hoping for a passing ship to find and rescue him.


The gameplay consisted of the Sierra's AGI parser. You control Roger with the arrow keys and type in commands that you want him to follow. What may seem antiquated today was a pretty big deal back then. The parser was a big step up from parsers in the earliest Sierra games, with a bigger vocabulary and ability to recognize more complex and a wider variety of commands. 
At this point, Sierra games still allowed frequent and irreversible deaths. So saving often was the lesson of the day. Plus, it was entirely possible to miss an item and wind up being stuck later in the game. Major negatives for a game today, but back then it just added to the challenge.  



SQII Cover
The gamebooklet of Space Quest II, besides a short walktrhough, also featured a nice comic with the adventures of Roger Wilco.  
It also featured fake advertisements similar to the coupons you received upon buying the first Space Quest and had, like the game, manypop-culture parodies within.
SQII page 01
SQII page 02
SQII page 03
SQII page 04
SQII page 05
SQII page 06
SQII page 07
SQII page 08


The game was well received by critics and the public. It earned the number four spot in Sierra's Top 5 Bestsellers. Computer Gaming World was quoted as saying, "Though the game is similar to the original Space Quest, the addition of more detailed animation, more difficult puzzles, an improved parser (hurrah!), and greater scope makes a good game even better."

System Requirements  

The game was released on both 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks and had the following requirements: 
  •  8088/8086 CPU
  •  256KB RAM
  •  CGA, EGA, Hercules, or Tandy/PCjr Graphics
  •  PC speaker or Tandy/PCjr Sound Card

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