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In Space Spartans, players have to hunt down and destroy alien ships by travelling across a grid based map. Each grid is color coded depending on how many ships are in the sector. Alien shots will damage the player's ship and make it harder to control, aim or move around the map. The game's story claims it is a retelling of the famous battle of Thermopylae where a small number of Spartans held off the mighty army of Xerxes, but in space.


Each game starts with the player placing 3 starbases. After that the player is free to use Hyperspace to travel around the map. Each square on the grid that has aliens is color coded. Green squares have up ro 4 aliens, yellow has up to 8, orange is up to 16, red is up to 32 and purple has 33 or more aliens. Once the player is in a grid that has aliens in it, the player can switch to a first person view and shoot at ships. Each ship gets destroyed in one shot; each shot from an alien ship will take down 1/3 of a random system in the player's ship. The systems are:

  • Battle Computer : Automatically fires when an alien ship is in the player's crosshairs
  • Impulse Drive - Governs how quickly the player can change direction in battle
  • Shields - Protects the ship from alien shots
  • Tracking Computer - Locks on to alien ships in the player's crosshairs
  • Hyperdrive - Used to fly around the map screen

Starbases placed at the start of the game serve 2 functions: to repair damaged systems and to restore the player's energy if it has depleted.


This game supports the Intellivision's Intellivoice add-on. During play, there are 2 voices. The voice of the central computer (a male voice) tells players when the ship's energy is running low and how many aliens are in each sector. The ship computer (a female voice) informs players which systems are damaged after each alien shot lands.

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