Any veteran SpaceChem engineers out there?

#1 Posted by Rockanomics (1187 posts) -

I fell in love with this game like nothing I've played before, but I just ground to a halt playing it and haven't touched in in months.

I really want to finish it but I'm worried just looking up solutions will ruin the experience for me. Stuck on the stupid octopus boss, any mentors?

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I don't know if you would have already got past this, or would want to continue, or would even read this at this point, but it's a shame to see a forum so sad and empty. So let me make an attempt to answer. 
It had been a rather long time since I played that boss, so I went back and built a new solution from scratch, just to make sure I knew what was going on. Heres the general idea of it: 
1st Reactor  splits H2O down to H and O

2nd and 3rd reactor are basically the same as each other, just with H in one and O in the other. They make H2 and O2 respectively, filling the rocket fuel. Once the respective fuels are full, use the reactor control commands (Those ones that only appear in boss levels) to divert them to just dump H and O straight through to the other output, into reactor 4. 
4th Reactor (Fusion) makes the Pu from the O and H inputs. To do this quickly, I went for fusing 22 H and 9 O since you have alot of extra H building up while the O2 gets made. It would probably be easier if slower to go for 6H and 11O, but still fast enough I suspect. Also, fitting all the commands into the reactor is a little tricky for the 22H version, since you don't have sensors or loops in this reactor. Basically the red rail had 'In, Fuse' 22 times in it, followed by 9 Syncs, which let the blue rail loop and fuse in the 9 O. 
Hope that makes some sense without being too explicit about the solution heheh.

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