This game is worth a dollar!

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Never heart about this game before I bought it in the latest Humble Indie Bundle. Have been playing it non-stop since the purchase. Not too far in yet, and the puzzles are already starting to become mindbendingly mindboggling, guessing it might be impossibly difficult towards the end, but that's part of the fun. Did anyone else discover this game through the HIB?

Here's the trailer.

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I hadn't discovered it through HIB, but as someone not much into playing games singleplayer (I just don't derive the same kind of enjoyment out of them), I hadn't really been willing to put down $15 for it. I saw it originally when it was being released on Steam, and then again when a friend purchased and was playing it.

I was actually on the fence about getting the Frozen Synapse bundle because I already had the game myself, and the other game they added didn't look super interesting to me (refer to my earlier singleplayer comment...), but as soon as SpaceChem was added, and I saw some YouTube videos of people's solutions to some of the crazy later puzzles, I decided I wanted it. I ended up getting a Frozen Synapse key for a friend, as well as an extra FrozenByte bundle key, and I haven't been able to get SpaceChem out of my head since. It's strangely addictive, and the music is so good that I constantly find myself humming it in my head. The way they roll the story into laying out the additional puzzle elements is really well done, and the gameplay itself is fascinating, at both the macro and micro levels.

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I'd buy that for a dollar! if anyone knows where that's from you get a sparkling cupcake = )

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