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Trading with Sparkly can be accomplished simply by dropping the item to be traded in front of the tree that contains its nest. Sparkly will react positively if the item in question is one it will trade for. To receive the new item, either quit and reload the save file or return to the Nexus and then re-enter The Shrine of Storms.

Items may only be traded for once per playthrough.

Item DroppedItem Received
Aguite of GuidanceWhite Arrow (10)
Brass TelescopeFragrant Ring
Chunk of FaintstoneSticky White Stuff (10)
Chunk of MercurystoneNew Moon Grass (10)
Chunk of MoonlightstoneWhite Arrow (40)
Gold MaskColorless Demon's Soul
Jade Hair OrnamentRegenerator's Ring
Phosphorescent PoleRing of Magical Dullness
Pure MercurystoneDark Moon Grass (10)
Pure MoonlightstoneWhite Bow
Shard of FainstoneShard of Archstone (5)
Shard of MercurystoneFull Moon Grass (10)
Shard of MoonlightstoneWhite Arrow (20)
Silver CoronetStoried Hero's Soul
Silver BraceletStoried Hero's Soul
Soul RemainsWhite Arrow (10)
Talisman of GodColorless Demon's Soul

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