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Spartacus Legends is a free-to-play weapon-based fighting game developed by Kung Fu Factory and published by Ubisoft for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) and PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network) on June 25, 2013. It is based on the Starz television series Spartacus, which is based on the real-life gladiator of the same name.

Set in the gritty ancient Roman city of Capua, players control a group of gladiators in their ludus (training school). Each gladiator has their own unique weapon style (out of a set of eight styles, from the basic sword & shield to a two-handed trident), armor (including helmets, chestplates, and leggings), and perks (granting special situational buffs). Players use these gladiators to fight other gladiators and attempt to conquer all six districts of Capua.

By winning fights, players can earn Fame (which is used to level up and unlock new gear to buy, arenas to fight in, and enemies to fight) and silver coins (which is used to purchase new gear, recruit new gladiators, and upgrade the barracks to unlock new gladiator slots). The game also supports microtransactions, as players can also buy gold coins (with actual money) to purchase higher-level gear, free up a gladiator's perk slot, and purchase better gladiators.

While each gladiator is powerful, they also risk suffering permadeath, as certain losing conditions (such as execution moves in similar vein to Mortal Kombat) causes the gladiator to die and be removed from the game (with the exception of legendary characters, who can be re-bought after some time). Right after the death of a player's gladiator, he/she has the ability to resurrect that gladiator for a price (which starts off free and grows in silver/gold coins after each death).

Lead actor of the TV series' title character Liam McIntyre lent his likeness and voice and offered "creative feedback" during development as he's an avid gamer himself.

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